We are not rioting, we are protesting say organizers

A large number of Bermuda residents are expected to join in a Monday protest against massive rate hikes approved by the Bermuda Regulatory Authority to the costs of electricity supplied by the monopoly that is BELCO.

Most recently it was revealed that a near doubling of the Fuel Adjustment Rate (FAR) had been approved, which will serve to increase most bills by an overall rate of 20 percent.

BELCO chief Wayne Caines made a point to state that the company did not stand to profit from any increase in FAR, noting that such need to raise FAR was relevant to the upward fluctuation in oil prices. However, these assertions came from the same source that, when oil prices bottomed to -$4, noted how the fuel used at the plant was not significantly tied to the price of crude oil, hence the FAR and price of electricity should not be expected to decline.

Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban has postulated his surprise at the rate rise and appears in the process of feigning an inquiry into the matter, but the deal is now done and many customers are irate, hence the protest. A message circulating on social media is encouraging support of the protest, saying” Let us be ready on Monday morning.

We are still coming out in numbers to show this government, the Regulator Authority and Belco that we will not stand for anymore smoke screens, nor are we any longer going to tolerate the cost of these increases.

“Please spread the word that we are moving forward and are expecting no less than 10,000 Bermudians to show up ready to protest.

“Get ready to make this stance Bermuda! We need to come out loud and strong.

Taxi Drivers, government workers, fishermen, contractors, business owners, school teachers, your children, grandchildren! Everybody and their grandmother. This way if they think they can come out and bully us with there riot gear and tear gas, we know that they don’t have our best interest at heart.

“To the Bermuda Police service, you all have family and friends in Bermuda, you too are affected by the cost of living. You have a duty to protect and serve.
“So remember this, you need to consider your action and not try to intimidate us.

We are not rioting, we are protesting Belco’s decision to raise their fuel adjustments! We are also protesting their disregard and for the health of the residents of Bermuda, this impacts you and your families s well, so you all need to consider your roles in this stance! You are not above the law and your first duty is to serve the people, not your masters. ”

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