Soldier apologizes for bad judgment error

In a TNN News website-social media post BRB reserved soldier apologized and explained the mistake he made that caused him to be arrested as he returned to Bermuda from a North Carolina Bermuda Royal Regiment training exercise.

Below is the written statement in his own words from O’Neal Nelson.

“Good afternoon friends I’m writing this on behalf of myself in defense of what took place, I came back Bermuda from north Carolina with the regiment at the Marine shopping institute the MCX i purchase some pepper spray for the security firm that I work with due to the rise in bladed instruments and severe fight happening in cluds, my boss was attacked and beaten by several patron at a certain club on princess street so thats mainly the reason thought of purchasing a few NOT KNOWING THAT SUCH ITEM WAS ILLEGAL PER SAY I also had some pellet shots in me webbing that I also purchased to do target shoot down at the Jacksonville gaming store , honestly I forgot I placed the pellets in my wedding due to rushing anyway I sincerely apologizes to the authorities for bringing in a banned item the (pepper spray) which I just learned was illegal and what was described as ammunition the (Pellets that I honestly forgot about in my webbing)

I’m a law abiding citizen and have joined the regiment volunteerly to served the island of Bermuda and will never do anything to tarnish my character in any way shape or form.

I’ve make a mistake i agree but not a criminal and I didn’t willfully did what happen just a honest mistake.”

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