Protest leader apologizes for harsh words

The leader of Monday’s protest against Belco and the Regulatory Authority moved to recant the harsh words he delivered in criticizing people who did not show up for the objective march.

Sean Smith, the lead mover, recanted his angry immediate responsive comments made to TNN’s Trevor Lindsay, saying that he had allowed his emotions to take charge, against his better judgement,Cthe result being that he was destructively critical in what he said.

Smith admitted that he realize such criticism on his part was counter productive to establishing a forum for dialogue with the two parties.

He was grateful that the next day of protest did draw out Belco chief, Wayne Caines, with the parties able to share the circumstances, the financial policies and stances taken by both sides in response to the impacts such might have.

“When I saw the interview with my own eyes I saw my emotions taking over me,” said Smith.

“I do realize that people have responsibilities that are their first priority, but my emotions and my message to them was to, ‘not complain if you are not going to show up’, because we need unity.

“We need people to show up in order for these people to see the high numbers that object and are adversely affected by what is going on.

“I really felt bad about how the message came across and I do apologize to Bermuda for my energy.

“I’m passionate and not very articulate when I get angry.”

Smith said that movement against rising costs, that are being implied as inexorably tied to upward fluctuating oil prices, shipping, transport and delivery, which companies cannot absorb, passing the expenses to consumer, who are even less able to bear the brunt.

“Today was more so to let them know that we are not finished with them and that we want to be heard, continued Smith. “We wanted Caines to come out.

“He came out and said some light on a few issues that Belco are having with the Regulatory Authority, government and the cost of procuring fuel and transporting it to the various places.

“He shared with us the cost of things, but we’re still not satisfied with the outcome.
“He made sense in that aspect of things, but we also had the issue of the pollution that the neighbors have to deal with daily. With that being said, they cannot fix that overnight, so therefore the neighbors are going to have to suffer and the people are going to have to suffer until we come to a more suitable and equitable conclusion.

“We want results that fairly impact all parties. We will get that, but not overnight.

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