Somerset Cup Match Champions Win by 10 Wickets

Somerset Cricket Won by 10 Wickets

St. George’s Cricket Club 113 & 222 Somerset Cricket Club 295 & 44/0

The Somerset Cricket Club have retained the Cup Match trophy following their 10 wicket victory over the St. George’s Cricket Club at the Somerset Cricket Club.

Continuing their first inning this morning the Somerset Cricket Club added 19 runs, with Dion Stovell scoring a century.

The St. George’s Cricket Club in their second inning scored 222, with Treadwell Gibbons was the top scorer with 66, while Zeko Burgess added 51. Derrick Brangman was the pick of the Somerset Cricket Club bowlers with figures of 21.1-10-48-3, while Stovell, who should be named Man of the Match bowled 16-1-73-3.

The Somerset Cricket Club needed only 41 runs for victory and they got the required runs in 8.5 overs, with Chris Douglas the top scorer on 22 not out.

Somerset Cricket Club 1st Inning

..43 (73) Chris Douglas c Jonte Smith b Rodney Trott
..57 (87) Terryn Fray c Treadwell Gibbons b Rodney Trott
..00 (02) Tre Manders c Treadwell Gibbons b Rodney Trott
..00 (02) Alje Richardson b George Obrien Jr
111 (125) Dion Stovell Not Out
..04 (03) Kamau Leverock Run Out
..14 (49) Jordan DeSilva b Jonte Smith
..00 (03) Malachi Jones c Jordan Burgess b Jonte Smith
..09 (13) Derrick Brangman c George Obrien Jr b Jonte Smith
..08 (17) Khiry Furbert b Zeko Burgess
..05 (32) Greg Maybury Not Out
..24 Extras (10b-7lb-7nb)
295 Total for 10 wickets after 71.4 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-108 (Douglas), 2-108 (Manders), 3-113 (Richardson), 4-117 (Fray), 5-121 (Leverock), 6-163 (DeSilva), 7-163 (Jones), 8-189 (Brangman), 9-235 (Furbert), 10-295 (Maybury)

St. George’s Cricket Club Bowlers

9.0-0-37-1 Zeko Burgess
21.-1-81-1 George O’Brien Jr
6.0-1-18-0 Onais Bascome
18.4-1-60-4 Rodney Trott
3.0-0-15-0 Jordan Burgess
9.0-0-51-0 Allan Douglas
6.0-1-16-3 Jonte Smith

St. George’s Cricket Club 2nd Inning

..66 (68) Treadwell Gibbons b Derrick Brangman
..00 (04) Jonte Smith LBW Greg Maybury
..14 (42) Macai Simmons b Dion Stovell
..34 (80) OJ Pitcher c & b Jordan DeSilva
..05 (06) AC Douglas b Dion Stovell
..06 (15) OGL Bascome b Kamau Leverock
..30 (112) Rodney Trott Not Out
..04 (16) Sinclair Smith c Dominic Sabir b Malachi Jones
..51 (50) Zeko Burgess LBW Derrick Brangman
..00 (02) George O’Brien Jr b Dion Stovell
..11 (08) Jordan Burgess b Derrick Brangman
..01 Extras (1lb)
222 Total All Out after 67.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-8 (Jonte Smith), 2-75 (Simmons), 3-87 (Gibbons), 4-92 (Douglas), 5-106 (Bascome), 6-145 (Pitcher), 7-150 (Sinclair Smith), 8-210 (Burgess), 9-211 (O’Brien Jr), 222-10 (Burgess)

Somerset Cricket Club Bowlers

10.-3-48-1 Kamau Leverock
4.0-0-15-1 Greg Maybury
21.1-10-48-3 Derrick Brangman
12.-3-33-1 Malachi Jones
16.-1-73-3 Dion Stovell
4.0-3-04-1 Jordan DeSilva

Somerset Cricket Club 2nd Inning

..22 (31) Chris Douglas Not Out
..13 (22) Terryn Fray Not Out
..09 Extras (9b)
..44 Total for 0 wickets after 8.5 overs

Fall of Wickets:

St. George’s Cricket Club Bowlers

3.0-0-08-0 George O’Brien Jr
1.0-0-07-0 Onais  Bascome
2.5-1-10-0 Zeko Burgess
2.0-0-10-0 Jordan Burgess

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