Sir. John considering an C10 Independent Run

If you have me, I will run

That was the message from former Premier Sir John Swan as he addressed a press conference telling the people of Smiths North, Constituency 10 he is ready to serve as their next member of Parliament, but only if they want him to.

That seat was left vacant following the resignation of Michael Dunkley as the Member of Parliament for the area.

The One Bermuda Alliance has already announced Robert King as it’s representative for the upcoming by election set to take place on May 22nd to determine Mr. Dunkley’s successor.

Senator Lindsay Simmons is the PLP hopeful contesting for that seat.

In announcing his availability Sir John indicated that should he get the support of the voters in number 10, it is his intention to run as an independent.

He said should he be successful and if the people of Smiths South wish him to serve he will make it a priority to strengthen ties with Bermuda’s friends in the US as well as visit Buckingham Palace to ensure that ties with the UK are bolstered to help safeguard Bermuda’s future.

The Elder Statesman was adamant Bermuda’s politicians have become self serving as opposed to representing the interests of those they were elected to serve.

He feels the climate is right for those who wish to join the political fray without being tied to a political party and run as independent candidates to come forward and take a stand.

The former leader of the now defunct United Bermuda Party asserted that he has been in contact with persons who have stated it is their intention run as independents in the next general election whenever it is announced.

However he was clear that if they do not begin to take action soon to make themselves and their intentions known any such initiative will soon die.

According to Sir John, “I see less people wanting to become involved in party politics. I’ve talked to the business community and everybody said ‘I don’t want to get involved in party politics’.
“Where does that leave us? To sit back, suck our thumbs, live in disgust and fear and displeasure? Do something about it. “Do we simply roll over a play dead and let things continue, or is Bermuda going to be at the forefront of change?”

He added, “Constituency 10, if I haven’t heard from you, then I will not run. “I will leave it, or if you choose to have somebody else I don’t mind.”

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