Mother of three glad to be alive after being stabbed

An alleged stabbing victim recently spoke exclusively with TNN, highlighting what was a harrowing, near-death experience. A police investigation has commence into the stabbing incident, at the time of the release of this story no one has been charged.

Mother of three, Clinnita Webb, told Trevor Lindsay that she literally came within a centimetre of losing her life after being stabbed in the abdomen and having her liver lacerated.

“My liver was injured and they said I was one centimetre from not being here,” explained Webb, who resides in St George’s. “If it went just a little deeper I’d be gone. “The doctor words to me was that, ‘You’re lucky to be alive’.

“I’m a little bit sore now, but I’m okay. I’m just happy to be alive.” The alleged incident occurred on June 13th, after an apparent disagreement between Webb and one of her daughter’s relatives, who she said had come to her home unannounced and unwelcome in an attempt to collect the 13-year-old, this despite having been instructed to refrain from attending the property.

“The individual came to my house to pick up my daughter, to which many times I’ve told them not to do,” said Webb. “I’ve told her many of times not to come to my house because we do not get along.
“She still comes to the house, so I went outside to her, leaving my daughter inside by the window looking out and I told her that she’s not picking up my child.

“But the disrespect keeps going on and this is what it has led to. “All I want is for everybody to communicate but that seems too hard to do.

“So I went over to her and she started to talk about my deceased mama and I pointed in her face. She grabbed me and I grabbed her back and she pulled me in her car and she dug me with whatever she dug me with … she stabbed me.”

Webb explained how the situation turned in an instant, from a simple disagreement to one of extreme violence, with her left bleeding profusely, helpless and unable to return to her home, while, according to her, the alleged perpetrator seemed to revel in seeing her suffer.
“Everything just happened so fast,” said Webb. “I felt like I was going to die, then I just dropped as I was just bleeding and bleeding and bleeding.

“My daughter stood there and witnessed all this and she had to call the ambulance. “My daughter is just 13 and had to tell them that I had been stabbed.”
Webb added how she literally felt life ebbing away from her body as the blood pool expanded around her.

“I legit did feel myself dying, because I was so weak and my body was losing so much blood,” she said. “I was trying to walk up the steps to go back into the house and I couldn’t do that.

“I had to just sit down and wait and I’m telling my two children that if I don’t make it that they would be fine and there she was just looking at me like the devil.
“It was as If she really wanted me to die, because I was trying to pull back and she was pulling me in closer and trying to dig me deeper.”

Webb is now on a long journey to recovery and was thankful to the staff at King Edward VII Memorial hospital for their efforts in saving her life.
“It’s going to be a while,” she furthered. “I have a paper on what I can and can do for the next nine weeks.

“I’ve got to come back in three months to have them check to see if my liver is healing properly. “My job’s okay. What I do is not strenuous so I can still do that.
“The doctors of people at King Edward have been good and I appreciate them all. I’m just happy to be alive and like I said I’m I’m just tired right now.”


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