Declining Birthrate Worldwide Issue Not Just Bermuda says MP Chris Famous

Over the last few months there has been an online debate about Bermuda’s declining birthrate and what it means for the future. Some have attempted to  paint a picture that it is our island alone that has a falling birth rate. What is the birthrate you ask?

Here is a definition from “The rate at which a particular species or population produces offspring. The birth rate of a species is used to measure its fecundity (reproductive capability)”

The global benchmark states that in order for a country to maintain its population it has to have a birth rate of 2.1 or above. In simpler terms, if a family has less than 2 children they are below the birth rate. Bermuda’s Birth rate is presently at 1.3 according to


We are not alone


Spending a few hours in research on several websites revealed that almost all “developed” countries are experiencing the exact same steep decline in birthrates. According to the same website, here are some comparative Birthrates:


United Kingdom 1.5
United States 1.7
British Virgin Islands
Barbados 1.6
Germany 1.6
Cayman Islands 1.2
Canada 1.4
Switzerland 1.5

Clearly almost every country in the “developed world” is facing inevitable population decline. In other words, Bermuda is not alone. But hey, dont take my word for it.

“The European Union is on the brink of a major demographic shift as new projections suggest a significant population decline by the end of the century.”

“America will enter the 22nd century with a shrinking population…”

Less pampers

Nothing happens in a vacuum. So, here are some of the given reasons for declining birthrates:

Rising childcare costs
Greater access to contraception
Change in social norms
Women exercising more options

Whatever the reasons may be why families are having less children, the net result is that countries must prepare for an increasingly aging population with less and less young people.

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