90 Years Later LCCA Continuing A Charitable Legacy

In 1932 when Lady Cubitt, wife of the Governor at the time, founded the Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association (LCCA), perhaps she didn’t realise that her good work would still be carried on over 90 years later.


The LCCA’s purpose at that time was to provide relief of poverty, suffering and distress to Bermuda families and that, in essence, is still happening. In 2024, a dedicated team works hard to ensure that the LCCA helps people when it matters most.


Executive Director Marisa Nearon Howard joined the LCCA in December 2022. She comments: “Of course I have known about the LCCA all my life. However, when I took over as Executive Director did, I realise the depth of that we do and how many we have helped over the years. We run two distinct Programmes that help all through the community in very positive ways.


It is incredibly rewarding to be helping when people really need it. However, it is very worrying that the need for our help is increasing day by day. The demand for food and utility vouchers especially is now very high. This is where we really need the help of the community.”


With a staff of three, Mrs. Howard says they are always busy, more so every day and are supported by the LCCA’s Committee of Management.


Shakira Warner has been on the Committee for over 6 years, now as Chair of the Special Cases Committee and recently, Vice Chair. As Vice President- Population Health Management at The Argus Group, she can lend and apply her insight from her day-to-day work on Bermuda’s health care system to the LCCA.


“The medical needs of the cases under the LCCA’s Patient Overseas Financial Aid Programme are not much different from those seen by the health insurers in Bermuda. When it comes to people who need to go overseas for potential life-saving treatment who don’t have the insurance cover or funds to pay, the LCCA provides vital assistance. Although that assistance is a loan, given at no interest, it is usually there when needed to ensure those individuals have access to the care they need. Repayment of loans allows the LCCA to continue supporting people in need sustainably.


Being involved with the LCCA has provided invaluable learning opportunities for me as well, and I hope to be able to work with the LCCA for years to come to see the good work continue.”


The Patient Overseas Financial Aid Programme was one of the reasons our newest member Katie Carr, a senior underwriter at Hiscox Bermuda, joined the Board in 2023. Her great grandmother was Hilda Aitken. Mrs. Aitken was one of the first two women elected to serve in the House of Assembly and in1951, she was appointed chairman of the Social Welfare Board. In that role Mrs. Aitken was successful in obtaining parliamentary approval for £2,000 in funding for the Association to assist people with overseas medical care.


When joining the Board Katie said: “I’m very proud to work with the LCCA and continue something my great grandmother started. The Financial Aid Programme has helped thousands of people over the years live better and healthy lives. Helping to continue this legacy and the legacy of Lady Cubitt’s LCCAGeneral Programme is vital and needs to be supported by the Bermuda community.”


Having been involved with the LCCA for around 20 years in various ways, new Chair Peter Hebberd is looking forward to the role. He took over the position in December 2023. Utilising his experience in small business management, he looks to increasing the LCCA’s profile in the donor community so that more people can be helped. He says: “COVID certainly did not help our awareness level island wide. When I was selling LCCA tags last September, many people asked where we had been! It was very encouraging knowing we had been missed!


We are working toward modernising our systems so we can run more efficiently. There’s a lot going on at the LCCA right now. Increased demand for what we do keeps things really moving. We don’t see that demand lessening at this time. We need to be ready for it.”


He added: “When I told my sisters I was taking over as Chair, one of them said that the LCCA had helped our mother go the New York in the 1960’s for breast cancer treatment. They both think there’s no better way to repay that help. So, I’d better get on with it and ensure more people are helped in the years to come. Can’t upset the sisters!”

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