Day: August 28, 2021

Community News

Stalwart Believes PLP is Doing the Best they Can

According to an 80-year-old Progressive Labor Party stalwart, Bermuda has been turned into a monopoly for people who do not have his skin color. He believes that the way to confront the monopoly is to introduce competition, which in turn will make prices fall. “ [Creating competition] is creating a problem as well, because financially, […]Read More


Traffic Diversion Somerset Road

Around 12:55pm on 28th August 2021 police responded to a report of a single vehicle collision on Somerset Road near the junction with Tankard Lane involving a tractor trailer. Early indications suggest that a tractor trailer carrying a crane was attempting to negotiate a right hand bend when the load became unstable, causing the crane […]Read More


Let’s Uplift and Empower Says Robin Tucker

Before the summer break, the Senate debated legislation that allowed the Government to extend the financial assistance payment limit by two years. In practical terms, the change allowed eligible able-bodied recipients of financial assistance to receive payments for as long as seven years, if needed. Covid-19 has undeniably wreaked havoc on our economy, and it […]Read More


SafeKey Protesters Wish to End the Divide Between Vaccinated and

During the early morning commute with traffic entering the city of Hamilton TNN’s Trevor Lindsay spoke with two members of the Bermuda Freedom Alliance who oppose the Government’s SafeKey guidelines for restaurants, bars and other businesses. The protesters, who wish to remain anonymous, held up signs that read “ SafeKey is the death to business.” […]Read More