We voted to keep healthcare costs down says Kim Swan C2

The One Bermuda Alliance’s recent series of opinion columns said in several hundred words what they could have simply said in five.

“Let’s do nothing for Bermudians.”

The One Bermuda Alliance may be oblivious to the real financial struggles that Bermudians are facing but we within the Progressive Labour Party are laser focused on the needs of our people.

The people on the doorsteps and in the community have told us that the cost of living is one of their deepest concerns and we have listened. Hence, we used our surplus to not only reduce our debt but also to do the Government’s part to keep Health Insurance costs down is a win-win for all Bermudians.

So, why would the OBA be opposed to helping Bermudian families suffering from the high cost of lhealthcare??

Thankfully the OBA did not defeat the Government Loan Amendment Act in the House or Senate. Asthe PLP’s efforts to keep Health Insurance costs down would have also been defeated.

The OBA may feel comfortable trying to score political points with their base by ignoring the increasing healthcare costs for Bermudians but the PLP does not and will not.

If we had given in to the OBA, health insurance costs would have climbed by over $500 for every person in this country. We simply could not and would not ask Bermudian families and businesses to take another hit to their wallets.

Clearly, the OBA would have forced both Bermudians and businesses  to pay more for health insurance.

Those are the facts.

The government brought forward this bill because, as a result of our sound fiscal management, we have eliminated deficits, and balanced the budget. This now enables us to continue to pay off the debt and improve the lives of Bermudians via additional affordable housing units and keeping healthcare costs down

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