Wall collapses into road on Flatts Hill

The possibly of heavy rain fall over the weekend possibly could be the cause of a massive pile of rubble that came down on both lanes of Middle Road east of Flatts Post Office after a wall collapsed.

The Bermuda Police Service issued a statement on the BPS Facebook page “There has been a wall collapse on Middle Road, just east of Flatts Post Office.

A reported in the RG indicates, Witnesses said that if a pedestrian or motorcyclist had been passing at the time of the collapse, it could have been worse.

Crews were on site clearing mud and rubble from the road.

One of the crew members said: “The boundary wall fell away. Someone said they heard a big bang.

“Because of all the debris, we didn’t know if there was a body under there, so we had to move it very slowly and carefully. We had to take our time to remove it.

“It is likely because of the age of the block work and methods used to make the all it didn’t have the structural integrity.

A man who arrived on the scene moments after the collapse said: “It sounded like a cannon going off.

“There is no rebar in that wall. It’s been compromised for years. There are hundreds of walls like this in Bermuda.

“Whitney Institute kids walk past this wall every day.

“The vegetation growing out of the wall probably didn’t help. It’s another example of failing infrastructure.”

Another witness said: ”I was driving towards the post office coming from Flatts, and I could see traffic being diverted. I had to turn around.

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