Turmoil in Haiti affecting feed my lamb Ministry

Concern for the safety and welfare of Bermudian Philip Rego and his team who operate the charity, Feed my Lambs.

The charity operates an orphanage with sixty residents. Children who have either lost their parents or were abandoned on the doorstep of property.

Mr. Rego and his team also provide meals and operate a primary school which provides an education to approximately 1000 children.

All of that now in jeopardy with the almost total collapse of the country found on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean.

Haiti is for all intents and purposes under the control of violent street gangs who control the movement of goods from the ports to locations throughout the country.

This means food and other supplies meant for Feed my Lambs is being held up as the gangs demand payment sometimes several times over before anything is allowed to move.

There is currently a shipment of food and supplies meant for the charity sitting on a dock in Cap Haitien and needs to be transported to St. Marks where the orphanage is located. A six hour drive away.

Now the payments being demanded by the gangs is making it difficult for the container with those supplies to be moved. The duty has now been increased from three thousand dollars charged to fifteen thousand dollars. That figure is subject to change at the whim and fancy of the gang leaders.

Those supplies in the container include solar panels as well as toilet fixtures and fittings destroyed by men who, armed with guns, recently forced their way into the orphanage.

Mr. Rego himself has been forced out of his vehicle and had his life threatened on a number of occasions since the country’s collapse into lawlessness.

His sister Linda Adderley who lives here in Bermuda and provides assistance to Feed my Lambs Ministry by through raising financial as well as material donations says she fears for the safety of Philip and the children cared for by the charity.

The incident where gunmen breached the gates and made their way inside the orphanage could have ended far differently were it not for the grace of God she says.

She maintains it was God who called Philip to do this work in Haiti and he has been there for close to 19 years meeting the needs of those who lack what we in Bermuda take for granted.

Mrs. Adderley says her brother remains committed to this calling, doing God’s will. She is asking the Bermuda community which has supported them from the beginning of this humanitarian initiative and continues to do so to this day, to remain faithful in their giving and prayer.

Especially during this difficult time and pray for her brother’s protection and the protection of the children and staff at the Feed my Lambs orphanage and school who so desperately need the assistance the charity provides now more than ever.

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