Surviving Prostate Cancer Makes Life Well Worth It

Prostate cancer does not have to be a death sentence, nor should men avoid testing and prevention measures out of false bravado or needlessly adopted shame.

So suggests cancer survivor Kevin D E Smith, who is now cancer free, some two and a half years since being diagnosed as having prostate cancer.

Smith told TNN’s Trevor Lindsay how he was successfully treated for the disease with radiation and his outlook has dramatically improved for long-term survival.
“I was diagnosed in August 2020 and I started my first treatment and December the 1st started hormone treatments and then on February 9th I started radiation treatment,” said Smith “I’m now having at 4 to 6 month checkups and I’ve been cancer free so far.”

Smith noted an initial feeling of despair when diagnosed, but his hopes turned more positive when it was noted that the early detection enhanced the potential for the condition’s arrest.

“ When I got the diagnosis you know I was like, ‘Man, cancern cancer?’ but then I thought about it and I figured that because I got to the doctor early to have it diagnosed there was a good chance for me.

“I wondered why if I should tell my mother because I didn’t want to get anyone upset about everything.
“But it was a good idea that I did because she was on the journey every step of the way with me.”

Smith has since been inspired to share his story and encourages men in high risk brackets to get tested.
He noted how the doctors and nurses have supported him throughout his ordeal.

“You know when you have to go to get your radiation treatment it only lasts about 5 -10 minutes at the most, but you have to make sure that your bladder is full you because that helps when you have your radiation in that it doesn’t mess up anything else,” he said.


“Everyone was wonderful. I mean from the first time I went there they made me feel like I was family.” Prostate cancer is treatable if it’s caught early.
“With me I had 12 sasamplesd the inside of my prostate that were taken and four came back positive for cancer.

“But it’s a whole new world as to what they can do where if you catch it early it’s very treatable.

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