Premier David Burt Distance Himself From Road Death Inquiries

Premier David Burt tonight is facing severe public pressure and accusations of a cover-up being orchestrated over an alleged hit-and-run incident in May, which resulted in the tragic death of prominent football Marco Warren and subsequent charges being levelled in courts against former Progressive Labour Party Senator Curtis Richardson, PLP leader and Bermuda Premier David Burt this evening released a statement of denial of any such concealment of evidence regarding the matter.

The statement in full read:

As Leader of the Progressive Labour Party, It is my responsibility to keep you informed about recent events that have deeply affected our PLP family and community.

On May 14, 2023, a heart-wrenching incident occurred in the Bailey’s Bay/Hamilton Parish area. A young athlete, Mr. Marco Warren, whom I had the privilege of knowing personally, was the victim of an alleged hit-and-run. The incident claimed his life, leaving our community shocked and saddened. This unfortunate event has been a heavy burden on our island and, most importantly, Marco’s family and loved ones.

Now, nearly six months later, Mr Curtis Richardson, a former Senator and PLP Candidate, has been arrested and charged in connection with Mr. Warren’s untimely death. This development has left the bereaved family and our community searching for answers and a sense of closure.

It is crucial to note that this has been an ongoing police investigation aimed at uncovering the truth and ensuring justice for Mr Warren and his family. As the investigation progressed, I was approached by the police for specific details related to a vehicle suspected to be involved in the incident – a taxi, which my family had sold to Mr Richardson in 2019.

The sales agreement for that purchase did not transfer the permit/vehicle to Mr. Richardson until the payments were complete. After my initial contact with the police, when I learned of further details surrounding this incident, I shared those further items with the BPS investigator.

Due to my commitment to the integrity of this police-led investigation, I have refrained, until this point, from sharing any details about the information I willingly & immediately provided to the police regarding this investigation. The last thing that I would have ever wanted to do was to divulge any information, publicly or privately, that may have impeded the justice system’s quest for a conviction.

The suggestion that I would do anything outside of working to find justice for the family is deeply offensive and goes against the type of leader and type of person that I am and that you members know me to be. I have seen many of our children grow up in this party, and the suggestion that I would know something about the death of someone’s son and not share the information with the police is completely false.

Further, the belief of some that the Leader of the PLP, who has no control over the police, could somehow get BPS officers to cover up an investigation is ridiculous. If there was ever any interference from me or any other member of the Government – I can assure you that we would have been before the courts for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Our entire community, and this Government, have been invested in the quest for justice for Marco. Regrettably, some have tried to exploit these falsehoods for personal or political gain, resulting in runaway rumours and unfounded allegations of a cover-up, including threats to me and my family, based on misinformation, especially on social media. Misinformation that only serves to promote divisiveness, misdirected anger, and, most importantly, often does not respect the feelings of those who are mourning for the loss of their loved one or those of my family.

Thank you to those of you who have reached out over the last 48 hours, and for the support extended to me and my family. I am forever grateful to the silent warriors who have dispelled rumours in family chats, reflected on our collective progress over the past 7 years and refuted these senseless accusations, knowing my heart and the heart I have for service to the people of Bermuda.

Members, as always, my door is open to you. If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me via WhatsApp, as many of you have over the last few days.

A family is hurting and has been in pain since May 14. Friends are hurting and have been so since May 14. As your Party Leader, I ask for your continued support, thoughts, and prayers for Marco’s family – as we place our trust in our justice system to navigate the next steps of this ongoing investigation and court proceedings. Remembering Marco’s resilience, we must unite against the real adversaries – discord, distraction and confusion – to preserve the harmony of our community.

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