New All-Women Political Group Emphasizes Inclusion and Unity

Enda Matthie and many other women initially came together out of a great concern for the direction that Bermuda was headed–and they have been brainstorming possible solutions to the island’s many social and economic problems ever since.
Earlier yesterday, some of the ladies in this group participated in an exclusive interview with TNN’s Trevor Lindsay to explain what they and their group is about.

“17 years ago, I became a mom for the first time,” Sophia Cannonier, one of the members, said. “ I noticed that [in Bermuda], women who are bringing up offspring were not being treated very respectfully. Since I came to that realization, I have been pressing the community and have been pressing particularly for truth since 2020.”

According to Ms. Matthie, this group is currently preparing to run in the next general election, whenever that might be, and they expect to be victorious. This is because, according to her and Ms. Cannonier, they take an entirely different approach to the way things are currently being done politically.

“ [ We intend to] celebrate the disabling and destruction of the current systems; whether it be education, healthcare, or the way that people are or are not being told the truth,” Ms. Cannonier said. “ [This group] will celebrate the inevitable shift that only women and their supportive men can make.”

“ Our approach is not about getting there and making people do certain things; it is about encouraging people to go within and touch their truth and their own core,” Ms. Matthie added. “ This is a completely different political approach, which will [hopefully] bring about a different result.”

Despite the group being run entirely by women, Ms. Cannonier emphasizes that it is based on coming together and beginning to heal the community and not about pinning men and women, or any group, against one another.

“ We love and need our men behind us and supporting us, but women fix, heal and nurture, and Bermuda needs to be fixed, healed and nurtured,” Lisa, another member of the coalition, said.

The group vows to listen to and include the opinions and voices of the island’s young people, many of whom are planning to leave or have already left Bermuda due to the economic and social issues that it faces.

“ It takes a village to raise children and when they do not feel warmth, they begin to burn the village down,” Ms. Cannonier said. “ We need to be with and love our children like they are our own. They will be our next [group of] kings and queens . . . Everyone needs to come out from behind the place where they’ve been hurt, meet each other in person and have meaningful conversations; we are truthful, wanting to heal our community. That is what this group is for.”

Ms. Matthie hopes that this group, through teamwork and the people’s help, can take Bermuda to levels it has never seen before and be an inspiration to the rest of the world.

“ Let’s stop waiting for [change], come together and be the people who actually step forward,” she said. “ Bring yourself and say what is on your mind, speak your truth and let’s unify and move forward. This is about inclusion; this ship is sinking and if we are going to get it back afloat and keep it running, all hands on deck. We have created the space; come into it, you’re welcomed . . . That is my message, plea and invitation [to the people of Bermuda.]”

Ms. Matthie then expressed her sincerest empathy for young black Bermudian men. Even though she admitted that she does not know what they go through on an intimate level, she assures them that she greatly cares.

“ I have spent nights waking up at 3 a.m., praying for our young black boys, and I have seen some boys walk out of that life and want something more and something better for their lives,” she said. “ Our hearts and mindsets are in the right place, but we need you to talk to us and see what we can offer in terms of nurturing, wisdom and support.”

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the coalition, its members and what they stand for can email Ms. Matthie directly at

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