Ministry of Transport Resolves Technical Hurdles with Standard Taxi Meter Calibration

The Ministry of Transport has advised that the Transport Control Department (TCD) will not calibrate standard taxi meters this weekend due to technical and programming issues encountered by an external contractor.


While this weekend’s calibration is postponed, we can assure the public that efforts are underway to rectify the situation, with standard meters set to be calibrated by mid-April.


Despite these challenges, the legislation mandating a 15% increase in taxi rates, effective 1 April, will proceed with digital meters; however, the increase will not be reflected on standard taxi meters. Taxis equipped with digital meters remain unaffected by the technical constraints faced by standard meters.


Minister of Transport, The Hon. Wayne Fubert: “This speaks to the need to modernise the industry. It is frustrating that these standard meters must be manually and individually calibrated. This obstacle underscores the urgency to transition to the digital meter system. The local dispatch companies, BTA, Island Taxi, Hitch, and BIU, can and will adjust the rate digitally to reflect the legislated rate increase on Monday, 1 April


Minister Fubert highlighted the commitment to swift actionfor passengers and taxi operators. The fundamental changes are:  


  • The rate increase will occur when digital metered dispatch companies make the necessary adjustments for passengers’ bookings using apps. 


For passengers without access to apps or those being picked up directly, taxi operators will advise passengers of the rate increase and present a rate card reflecting the changes to the passengers. This ensures everything is clear regarding what appears on the meter and what is expected at the end of the fare:  


  • For 1-4 passengers: Utilisation of Rate 3 throughout Monday to Saturday, with a 25% surcharge from 10 pm to midnight.
  • For 5-7 passengers: A 25% surcharge applies.
  • Sundays and holidays: Rate 4 from 12 pm to 6 am, with a 25% surcharge for 5-7 passengers.


Minister Furbert concluded, “I met with the Bermuda Taxi Owners’ Association (BTOA) executive yesterday to advise of the delay in the standard meter calibration. We have agreed that this is the best way forward until all standard meters can be calibrated. I acknowledge the frustration among association members awaiting the rate increase. I’ve assured the BTOA that we are working to expedite resolutions and will continue cooperating with the industry to effect necessary enhancements.”


In a collaborative effort, the BTOA, dispatch companies, and TCD will coordinate the distribution of new rate cards to taxi operators on Monday, 1 April.

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