Cabinet Protestors Demand Removal of Mask Mandates in Schools

“Stop Stealing my Childhood.” “We will not co-parent with Government.” “ Let me breathe.” These were just some of the protest signs placed in front of the Cabinet grounds yesterday afternoon during an anti-mask demonstration.

Throughout the afternoon, dozens of parents came out with their kids and hung masks around the Cabinet building and on the door. TNN’s Stefano Ausenda spoke to some of those parents in attendance, who will remain anonymous.

“ We’re here today to send a message that the treatment our kids are receiving in school is totally unacceptable and that the current [mask and social distancing] regulations on them are causing far more risks to our children than the virus ever could,” one mother said. “ How can they learn properly with a mask on? We do not know what that lack of oxygen is doing to their brains and bodies that are still developing.”

According to another concerned mom, the Us for Them group has been pressuring the government to meet with them for months. Before they agreed to meet, they changed the current legislation in the House of Assembly, the only requirement as of April 1 being that masks be worn indoors.

“ Not only is the Government still punishing our children through making them wear masks all day, they are still enforcing social distancing and mandatory testing twice a week. If they choose not to test, they will have to be physically removed from school,” another mom said. “

There have been so many studies within the past 18 months about how harmful masks are for children’s health and social development. Why has the government given up on Bermudian children?”

Another parent said that they have had to take their daughter out of school, because wearing a mask all that time gave her really bad migraines and made it borderline impossible to learn properly.

They also want the mask mandate in schools to be lifted immediately because they do not believe that the Coronavirus is a health emergency any longer.

Also present at the Cabinet building yesterday was Sophia Cannonier, who hopes that through the demonstration, the Government will get the message that the people are sick and tired of their leadership and demand a better alternative immediate

TNN Reporter Stefano Ausenda

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