BPSU Leadership Concern with Government $15 Million Dollar Relief Package Proposal

As a result of an anticipated $30 million improvement to the 2021-2022 budget deficit, the Government recently outlined a $15 million relief package specifically geared to assist Bermuda’s working families. Ironically, this economic relief package was announced while the Government is also engaged in collective bargaining agreement negotiations with public services unions.


With negotiations taking place, we have a responsibility to honour the terms of reference which prevents the disclosure of any details, however, we certainly hope that the economic relief is not causing a distraction or confusion with our members.


The Bermuda Public Services Union (BPSU) wholeheartedly supports any attempt to put money back into the pockets of workers and efforts by the Government to address the escalating cost of food, energy, and fuel is applauded by the BPSU.


Throughout the pandemic, the workers of this country have had to make significant sacrifices and have faced life-changing decisions including taking pay cuts, working reduced hours, foregoing overtime pay, and making withdrawals from their pension funds.


Public Officers of the BPSU membership agreed to accept austerity measures that assisted the Government in reducing its expenditure in the region of $150 million. In addition, the BPSU has repeatedly submitted to Government proposals on behalf of our membership that are aimed at reducing waste, cutting costs, and generating additional revenue.


Throughout the pandemic, the BPSU members have remain proudly on the frontline, at times at personal risk, to maintain public services for the community at large.


While elements of this relief package are welcomed, this initiative will only provide temporary, short-term relief.


As we collectively attempt to navigate these unprecedent challenges, the BPSU continues to strongly advocate for a more pragmatic, long-term approach to economic recovery that results in equitable, sustainable, and systemic changes for the workers of this country. In support of this vision, it is imperative that gamechangers such as a liveable wage, affordable healthcare, unemployment insurance and pension reform remain as priorities on the Government’s agenda.


The BPSU emphasizes the importance of consultation and collaboration that invigorates a more pragmatic and human-centered approach to an economic recovery. To this end, the BPSU looks forward to working with the Government to expediate the implementation of these essential deliverables.


The BPSU Mission Statement is to Promote Effective Labour and Community Relations. Onward and Upward Together


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