World Freedom Alliance Inform Premier Burt of Liability Notice

A letter dated May 11, 2021, was written to Premier the Honorable David Burt from the executive board of the World Freedom Alliance organization.

The message, titled “ Declaration and Notice of Liability,” and opened with the following paragraph verbatim:

“ This legal and lawful notice of liability is designed to be used as evidence in court if needed and intends to enlighten you and protect you from attracting criminal liability in relation to your action and all omissions in relation to the alleged SARS-COV2 (alleged) pandemic and the measures that have/are being taken world wide to allegedly control its spread and effect.”

The writers of the letter informed Premier Burt and the government that they do not see any evidence to support SARS-COV2 as a medical emergency and that preventing sick persons from receiving treatment for it unintentionally causes harm.

When effective treatments against the virus become available, the letter read, there is no need for any lockdown measures, such as mask wearing, quarantining and mRNA vaccines.

The letter proceeded to ask Premier Burt if any independent large organization has actually validated that SARS-COV2 has been isolated and said that the vast majority, if not all, of the vaccines used against the Coronavirus are in their clinical trials.

“ There is evidence that there have been significant adverse events and deaths around the world and we fear the long-term adverse repercussions may cause significant harm, injuries and loss,” the letter read.
The writers of the letter believe that any persuasion for people to take SARS-COV2 mRNA vaccines, whether it be through direct legislation or indirectly without those persons’ free and informed consent, is not only immoral and unethical, but also unlawful.

“ Any sanctions for not taking the vaccination, along with any measures of coercion and implementation of forced or coerced injections must cease immediately,” they wrote.
They also believe that any pandemic laws which infringe on citizens’ fundamental rights as human beings are unnecessary, undemocratic, illegal and may even incur liabilities on the enforcers of these laws (which in this case would be the Bermuda government).

The writers then encouraged civil lawsuits to commence immediately for damages caused by coerced/forced SARS-COV2 vaccinations or injections.

Direct or indirect censorship of information surrounding SARS-COV2, the letter read, for whatever reason (fact-checking, media, medical professionals, febrications, etc.), are to either

stop immediately or accept full liability for negligence, harm and/or injury caused to any men or women as a result of receiving the vaccine.

“If the acts are found to be unlawful and criminal, the crimes committed by individuals, corporations, governments, organizations and men and women acting in whatever capacity regarding the above statements are crimes against mankind,” the letter read. “ Failure to comply to this Declaration and Notice of Liability to immediately cease with all unlawful acts, crimes, criminal acts and offenses against men and women by May 25, 2021, may result in criminal prosecution of all perpetrators and/or civil action, depending on each country’s constitutions and criminal legislation as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

The next paragraph in the letter demanded that Premier Burt and the government to provide evidence that SARS-COV2 has been isolated successfully, that the vaccines have been thoroughly tested, that the vaccines actually protect persons from SARS-COV2, that those vaccines are not causing more harm than good and are not causing severe adverse effects or even death to its recipients and that the vaccines have not led to the death of thousands of its recipients.

Failure to provide this information or respond to this letter by May 25 the letter wrote, will be considered the government’s “first fault” and an acknowledgment that their contribution to the vaccination program makes them okay with having willingly caused harm to their citizens.

The Bermuda government, the letter read, is legally and lawfully responsible for their own actions and their actions in conjunction with other jurisdictions. The writers of the letter believe that the Government is at risk of being liable if they do or did not try to prevent harm, injury or death to men, women and children (as a result of receiving the vaccine).

“All indemnities, warranties, legislation and protection afforded to you in relation to damages and injuries caused the common people, recipient victims of the SARS-COV2 vaccines, are waived and voided [should the government not respond to this letter by May 25 ],” the letter read.

The letter ended by informing Premier Burt and the government that; if they were to respond to the letter by May 25 informing the World Freedom Alliance that all SARS-COV2 vaccines have been withdrawn from the country, that all vaccination programs are completely terminated and that no like vaccination programs will ever be created or entertained by the Bermuda Government in the future; then the World Freedom Alliance will immediately withdraw from pursuing any litigation against the government.

“Take notice that you [Premier Burt and the Government] have been equitably and fairly fore-noticed and forewarned,” the letter concluded.

The letter is supported by the World Freedom Alliance, Newearth, the World Doctors Alliance, Viruswaarheid, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and Solutions Empowerment.

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