Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated Issue Causes Heated Dispute In Busy Work Place

For a young lady who wishes to remain anonymous, the workday started out as a typical workday, until one customer came to her place of employment.

A discussion started between the customer and a few other staff members about how much non-immunized Bermudians will have to pay when they come back home starting in June.

“ I told the customer that Bermuda is just following the policies for travellers that are already in place in other countries,” she said. “ Based on that comment, they assumed that I was anti-vaccine.”

She assured the customer that she is not anti-vaccine, but also reminded them that her stance on vaccines is none of their concern. The customer then asked her if she had been vaccinated or not, to which her response was the same.

“The customer told me that it was their god-given right to know who is vaccinated or unvaccinated, because ‘us young lot’ are the reason that the virus has been spreading so much and why Bermuda is in the turmoil that it is currently in,” she said.

The customer then continued to tell the young lady that her generation are the ones killing people, while angrily waving their finger at her and using words like “your kind;” referring to Bermuda’s younger population.

“The whole time that they were talking, all I said in response was ‘that’s your opinion’ and ‘okay,’ because I had to keep my composure at my workplace as much as possible,” she said. “I thought that they crossed the line, especially when using the ‘your kind’ reference.”

The customer was shouting at the young lady in front of other customers and my work colleagues, while the manager was taking a phone call in the back.

“ Some people who are getting the vaccine think that it gives them more ‘pull’ than others and makes them feel superior,” she said. “I believe that a portion of them are spreading hate to anyone who may not agree with them.”

“ Anyone who may not want to receive the vaccine right away might be labelled as a conspiracy theorist,” she continued. “ Each person is entitled to what they want to do or put into their own bodies; it is all about [their personal] choice.”

According to her, one of the few blessings that has come out of this pandemic is that a lot of Bermudians have started their own businesses. She is happy to support them wherever she can, but she will not support businesses whose owners spew hate and divisiveness.
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