Unlicensed vehicle and No third party insurance offenses top Operation Vega September 2023 list

Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell, Tactical Operations Division – “Total collisions for the third quarter of 2023 show a reduction of 95 collisions, when compared with the second quarter. The second quarter was down by 23 collisions when compared to the first quarter. These are promising numbers and suggest the total amount of collisions is going in the right direction. Fatal collisions and serious injury collisions continue to be a concern for the Bermuda Police Service (BPS). We continue to encourage all to give your driving or riding your full attention when operating a motor vehicle. Most of all, we encourage all to slow down. The faster you go, the faster you are likely to be involved in a collision.”

Additional Statistics

From 1st January until 1st October 2023, 187 motorists were arrested for impaired driving – 14 in January, 27 in February, 25 in March, 21 in April, 30 in May, 23 in June, 19 in July, 16 in August and 12 in September. In comparison, for the same period in 2022, a total of 173 motorists were arrested for impaired driving.

During September 2023, 318 traffic tickets were issued by the BPS, up from 296 issued during August 2023. In addition, 51 motorist advice notices (official written warnings) were issued in September, down from 73 in August. Parking tickets issued throughout September 2023 totalled 171, down from 281 parking tickets issued in August.

Since the start of Operation Vega (6th July 2021), a total of 11,090 traffic tickets have been issued. The breakdown of ticketed traffic offences for September 2023 is below. The change compared to August 2023 is provided in brackets.

Speeding                                        171 (+6) Speeds ranged from 55 kph to 89 kph.

Traffic sign                                      27 (-19)

Unlicensed vehicle                        27 (+3)

No third party insurance              23 (+5)

No driver’s licence                         37 (+12)

Manner of driving                            9 (+6)

Disqualified driver                           3 (+1)

Seatbelt                                            3 (-1)

Helmet                                              4 (+2)

Handheld device                              8 (+4)

Defective vehicle                             0 (0)

Fail to give name/address              0 (-2)

Fail to stop                                        2 (+1)

Fraudulent documents                   0 (0)

Making a false statement              0 (0)

License plate offence                      1 (+1)

Tint offence                                      1 (+1)

Youth license offence                     0 (0)

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