Tough Decisions in Challenging Times Says PLP PRO

On the occasion of the first anniversary of our election victory, the PLP Government is not in a mood for celebration. Our hospital has many COVID-19 patients, our workforce is under immense pressure, our children are not in classrooms, and our economy is facing many challenges. For these reasons, this anniversary is a somber one.

As we look back over this challenging year, it’s clear that we were faced with a number of difficult, no-win decisions. But, instead of not making the tough calls or trying to be everything to everyone on the issue of the pandemic, we took on the tough decisions guided by what is best for the overall health and safety of our community.

Today, we mourn those who have lost their lives to this deadly virus and we pray for those departed and their families. Let that be our task on this day.

In spite of the ongoing pandemic and the deadly delta variant, your PLP Government has made progress on the issues that earned our election victory one year ago.
We kept our promise and advanced the restructuring of our education system that will phase out middle schools to create signature schools, giving our students more choices and opportunities.

We kept our promise and implemented an Economic Stimulus Program to keep Bermudians working. This has resulted in 21 contracts given to 19 Bermudian-owned firms employing 40 Bermudians.

We kept our promise to jumpstart the Green Economy by installing solar units on Government Buildings, purchasing electric buses, and replacing the Government’s fleet with electric vehicles.

We kept our promise and passed cannabis regulation legislation in the House of Assembly and following its defeat in the Senate, it will be brought back to become law in March.

October 1, 2021

We have expanded prescription drug coverage for those covered by FutureCare and HIP and instituted a new maternity care benefit for uninsured women, securing more equitable access, regardless of income, insurance or social status.

We kept our promise to reduce the price of prescription drugs by creating in law a National Drug Formulary that will give the Government the power to regulate the price of commonly dispensed prescription drugs.
We kept our promise to criminalize revenge porn and online assaults by amending Bermuda’s criminal code.

We kept our promise to modernise our immigration policies to increase Bermuda’s working population while protecting the rights of Bermudians by introducing a moratorium on new work permits in over 50 categories.

We kept our promise to provide more affordable housing by investing to create 17 new affordable units for Bermudian families.
We kept our promise to reform the financial assistance programme making sure that it can better prepare Bermudians to return to the workforce.

We kept our promise to implement the Youth Employment Strategy to ensure that young Bermudians have a place in Bermuda’s workforce. We kept our promise to modernise Bermuda’s Employment and Labour legislation to provide more rights to all workers, strengthen Bermuda’s trade unions, and tackle bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.

And, we have started the implementation of Bermuda’s Economic Recovery Plan that will create jobs and new opportunities in keeping with our promise to rebuild Bermuda with Bermudians at heart.

It has been a difficult & challenging year. On behalf of our 30 MPs and 5 Senators, thank you Bermuda for your support over the past year. We will continue to work to deliver on our election promises to ensure that we deliver a brighter future for our island home.
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