While her ‘Tiny T’ nickname might be indicative of small stature, Demeka Tacklyn has grand intentions for her community.

And so it is with great purpose that the entrepreneur is putting on a health enrichment exposé on Friday, November 11th and 12th at Rosedon Hotel, catering to multiple facets, including physical, emotional, mental, financial and holistic health.

Ms Tacklyn told TNN that she was inspired to put on the event by her travels to various trade shows overseas and wanted to share her experiences by doing a similar event in Bermuda.

“For a few years I’ve been travelling overseas and have been to other expos and trade shows and that type of stuff and I wanted to bring the energy to Bermuda and create that experience in Bermuda for us,” explained Ms Tacklyn, proprietor of Demeka Wholesale aka Street Vybez. “The theme is to create an awareness of every aspect of healing and acknowledging healing on a daily basis.

“We are being challenged in so many different areas of health, whether it be mental, social, emotional, physical or spiritual health, there are so many different areas that I would like for us to acknowledge and be able to do simple things.

“Like being around positive people and talking positive things. Not giving up. Protecting your own energy and doing the best you can to preserve your own energy, your own health, no matter what may be breaking down around you.

Lined up for the event are more than 30 vendors from yoga demonstrations, to shambhala, healing herbs and oils and more.

Ms Tacklyn hinted that Dr Carika Weldon may also give talks regarding her latest venture in biochemistry.

“We have cultural clothing to oils, different herbs and different little exercise machines that people can go on,” added Ms Tacklyn. “We have cold press juicers to encourage people about how juicing is healthy and easier for your body to absorb nutrients and things like that.”

“The overall theme is health and what I personally want to speak about is financial health.

“I like to speak on being able to observe life in abundance and realising how you can be healthy financially and how you can monetise things. “For example, if you have an orange, some people would just eat the orange, but you have some who would take out the seeds and plant.


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