Building on the success of her recent holistic expo, which attracted large crowds in support of several local service and product vendors, ambitious, young entrepreneur Demeka Tacklyn a.k.a Tiny T, is at it again.

Just in time for the festive season, Ms Tacklyn has secured use of the front lawn at City Hall, for a December 16, encore showcase of local sellers, where she hopes to feature a bevy of smaller, lesser known North Hamilton retailers and individual entrepreneurs from across the Island, in an effort to bring them to greater light among Bermuda’s major shopping district.

The irrepressible owner operator of Demeka Wholesale aka Street Vybez is sending out a clarien call to small businesses to join her in the pop-up ‘Hamilton Market’, which she promised will be ‘lit’ and feature a vibrant array of quality goods.

“We’re starting off this festive season by calling out all vendors to come,” said Ms Tacklyn, bubbling with enthusiasm. “All entrepreneurs, no matter how small to come and take on this opportunity to stand on the front line and show off your wares.

“We’re encouraging all those who might think they’re at the bottom or at the back of the line to come to the front and rise to the top, because it’s our time now.”

The event is slated to commence at 3 p.m and run until approximately 7 pm in order to cater to the evening shoppers, with music and dancing by Bermuda Squad features of the event.

Ms Tacklyn offered praise to City Hall for their support of the venture and was hopeful of garnering additional sponsors to aid her in funding anxiliary expenses associated with her hosting of the event.

Late this afternoon TNN was informed that BEDC will be sponsoring the  event for Ms. Tacklyn.

“Big up the City of Hamilton, which have been doing a lot of different things in the community,” she said. “Again, this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to put themselves on the front-line.”

The fearless businesswoman has intention of making the Hamilton Market a regular feature as she seeks to enable the growth of small vendors.

Said Ms Tacklyn: “We’re looking to sequence this and I’m not going to stop until a get a city market established on a regular, one that is right in the city, because we deserve it.

“It’s worth it to give small vendors a chance to flourish. It’s very important to respect small businesses and support their desire to grow and through the process of learning the steps to grow you become a bigger business and then we may be able to afford to have a 3,00-4,000 square foot space in town.

“Everyone can’t start off a business with hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it’s most important to start from a seed and learn to grow it.

Interested parties are directed to contact Ms Tacklyn at:
Email demekawholesale@gmail.com
Phone or WhatsApp: 777-8073

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