The OBA Wants to Have it Both Ways on COVID Says Senator Owen Darrell

On January 10th, Michael Dunkley shared the skyrocketing Omicron case numbers and said, “Let’s wear our mask and keep our bubble tight.” The graphic that he shared said “Not good, let’s do all we can to stop the spread.”

Then, January 13th, Michael Dunkley called for a complete end to all COVID-19 restrictions.

Clearly, Michael Dunkley and the OBA are trying to have it both ways on COVID.

One minute they want you to believe that they are truly concerned about your health and safety.

Then the next minute, they are suddenly pandering to those who want us to not wear masks indoors as Omicron spreads.

Throughout the entirety of the pandemic, the OBA has been on all sides of the issue, twisting in the political wind.

With Omicron surging worldwide and locally , now is not the time to, as Michael Dunkley says, “lift all restrictions.”

This PLP Government’s first priority is the safety of our country and its citizens. In consultation with its local and international advisors, the following requirements will continue to be in effect as of Friday January 21, 2022 for two weeks:

Masks must be worn indoors and, also, outdoors when you are within 6 feet of another person.

For restaurants, bars and clubs, tables will be limited to a maximum of 10 people and must be spaced 6ft apart. SafeKey will continue to be required for these indoor settings.

Churches will be open; however, all members must wear masks – the officiants, congregation and choirs.

Gyms can remain open – but SafeKey must continue to be used, and physical distancing must be observed.
Personal care services – SafeKey is recommended for those services that require masks to be removed.

To automatically renew your SafeKey, individuals whose second dose is older than 6 months must have a booster. The implementation of this policy has been extended and will be effective February 15, 2022.

Curfew will expire as of 5:00 am on 20 January 2022.
Maximum group sizes will remain at 20 people.

It’s time to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable through this surge as safely as possible.

Michael Dunkley and the OBA cannot change their minds every time they read an online article. Your government is balancing all advice received while trying to keep our education system and the economy functioning. It is easy for Michael Dunkley to switch his position as he is not the one being held accountable for anything other than cheap Facebook likes. Let’s minimize the politics and work on moving forward together.

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