The Minister responsible for works and engineering, in exercise of the power conferred by section 7(2A) of the Road Traffic Act 1947, makes the following Order:
1. This Order may be cited as the Road Traffic (Sinclair Packwood Memorial Bicycle Road Race, Variation of Speed Limits) Order 2023.

2. This Order applies to the contestants and to the vehicle’s attendant on the
contestants in the Sinclair Packwood Memorial Bicycle Road Race to be held on Friday May 26th, 2023.

3. The speed limits fixed by Section 7(2)(a) of the Road Traffic Act, 1947 are hereby varied to the extent specified in the first column ofthe schedule in respect of the Sinclair Packwood Memorial Bicycle Road Race.

4. The relevant roads or parts thereof specified in the second column of the Schedule are hereby declared to be subject, at times specified in the third column of the Schedule, in respect of the contestants and the vehicles attendant on the contestants in of the Sinclair Packwood Memorial Bicycle Road Race, to the speed limit specified in the
first column thereof.

Starting on York Street in St. Georges and
75 kilometres per hour heading west towards Ferry Reach on Mullet Bay 8:20am to Road. Continue west along Mullet Bay Road onto 9:45pm
the Swing Bridge then onto Kindley Field Road.

Travel in westerly direction along Kindley Field Road to The Causeway, then merge onto North Shore Road to head into Flatts. Heading up Flatts
Hill to merge onto Middle Road to continue west towards the City of Hamilton. Travel along
Cavendish Road onto Reid Street.

Continue west on Reid Street, to turn left on Court Street then right on Front Street heading west. From Front Street turn right onto Queen Street going north.

Then turn right on Church Street to head east, then turn left on Cedar Avenue and travel north. Continue north and end the race at the junction of Cedar Avenue, right onto Marsh Folly Road,.then right onto Dutton Avenue and finishing at
Bernard Park.

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