Steph Brown’s Passion for Cleaner Oceans Inspired Her to Clean up the Beaches

A while ago, Steph Brown was watching a few nature and environmental documentaries that helped fuel the fire that she now has for the planet and its oceans. Now, she brings a trash bag with her every time that she goes for a walk or jog on the beach and collects trash.
Ms. Brown has decided to document the trash collected since day one and is now up to day 86. According to her, a lot of people are now following in her footsteps and also collect trash on the beaches.
“ Every time I go to the beach, it breaks my heart to see the things that wash up on the shore,” she said. “ I’ve also been working with Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB), who helped me to look out for certain pieces of trash and see what creatures may have been nibbling at it, etc.”
When Ms. Brown is out on the ocean and actually gets to see whales and other marine animals in their natural habitat, it makes her want to keep the island and its beaches and oceans even cleaner.
“ Trash collecting on the beaches is a mixture of old and new trash, and a lot of the trash actually ends up on our shores [from elsewhere],” she said. “ I feel like most people in Bermuda are conscientious of this and don’t leave trash around, but it is always a small minority who ruin it for the rest of us.”
What Ms. Brown would like to see on the island are tours of where trash goes after it is collected. According to her, people might change their habits slightly when they realize just how many things they throw away and how most of it gets burned at the incinerator.
“ We all have a part to play [in protecting our oceans], but if we all do something simple like picking up trash off of the floor, it makes a tiny difference,” she said. “ Because we [in Bermuda] are so close to marine wildlife, that should inspire us to protect our oceans even more.“

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