SafeKey Needed For Large Group Exemptions and Leisure Boating With 20 Plus Persons

The Government is providing the following general reminders for persons who need to access SafeKey.

As the public is aware SafeKey will be required for patrons of indoor public spaces where masks are permitted to be removed, namely; indoor dining, bars, clubs, and sports/members clubs as well as attending a gym/fitness facility.

SafeKey will also be required to board all Island Boats with more than 20 passengers, and is required for the granting of all new large group exemptions.

These updated adjustments to the Public Health Regulations and protocols are effective today at 6.00 pm. This is due to increase in transmission we have recently experienced, and to allow indoor activities to continue with a reduced risk of coronavirus spread.

As a note, employees of these establishments are not required to have SafeKey in order to go to work as all employees are required to remain masked at all times.

The Government appreciates that there are members of the community who still need clarity in accessing a SafeKey.

In that regard the public is encouraged to visit There they will find tutorials and information on how to access and download their SafeKey.

As a general reminder, a COVID-19 SafeKey is valid only when presented together with a matching identification document such as an identity card, passport, or driver’s license.

Customers and service users should ensure that they have a valid COVID-19 SafeKey that matches their identification in order to access COVID-19 SafeKey activities or services.

All residents who are fully immunized can access their vaccine-based Safekeys online at

Vaccine-based SafeKeys are valid for a month. Renewing expired vaccine-based Safekeys can be done by any SafeKey holder by going to and entering your details to generate your next SafeKey.

Residents who have had vaccine doses overseas can request a certificate and Safekey by sending an email to and by providing their most recent travel (TA # or name used for travel). The vaccine certificates team will be able to look up their immunisation documentation used for travel to then create and issue a certificate and SafeKey to them by email.

For unimmunised residents, they can access test-based SafeKeys by getting tested for COVID-19 at a government testing location (see locations and times available at

A link to the SafeKey document will be included in the negative test result email. Test-based SafeKeys are valid for 72 hours (3 days after the test day).

Further SafeKey guidance relating to businesses, organisations and travellers can be found at or by clicking on the following links:

Ø SafeKey Guidance for Restaurants
Ø SafeKey Guidance for Restaurant Patrons
Ø SafeKey Wallet Information and Instructions
Ø SafeKey Wallet

Additionally, the Government has launched SafeKey Wallet, which is an app that allows persons to scan and store their SafeKey documents for easy access. Using SafeKey Wallet keeps your documents in one place, and saves users from having to print or look through their phone to find their SafeKey.

SafeKey Wallet can be accessed here: SafeKey Wallet. It is important to note that the app can only store one SafeKey at a time. Further information and instructions on SafeKey Wallet can be found here: SafeKey Wallet Information and Instructions.
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