Rating Our Work – An Unbiased Professional Opinion Says Jache Adams C19

All of Bermuda, regardless of political orientation, should be encouraged by the news that rating agency

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has reaffirmed Bermuda’s:

● A+ Sovereign Credit Rating
● A-1 short term rating
● AA+ transfer and convertibility assessment and,
● Maintained Bermuda’s Credit Rating outlook as “stable” Often, the work of our government is disparaged, undermined, and ridiculed by those with political biases and agendas; however, this rating and commentary by S&P, the world’s leading provider of independent
credit ratings cannot be dismissed, nor can it be ignored.

I understand that no government policy will receive universal support and appreciate that everyone is entitled
to their opinion. As a country we should feel very proud that S&P stated in their report that “the economic recovery is underway in Bermuda and will continue during the forecast horizon”. It is further reassuring to note that they “believe the territory can and is willing to implement reforms to ensure the long-term
sustainability of public finances”.

The Government’s hard work and vision have been validated as our maintenance of Bermuda’s Credit Rating attests the continuance of our economic stability and the growth of our international business sector.

Despite the economic carnage wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic and despite bias and political attacks, your PLP
government is managing our economy prudently, responsibly, and with an inclusive approach that is working.

These are the facts. We are meeting our fiscal targets. We have met the aggressive debt targets laid out in the
Bermuda Economic Recovery Plan. We are appropriately managing taxpayer funds and fulfilling our campaign
promises. We continue to advance ideas that will grow our economy to the benefit of the people of Bermuda.

While Covid has had a profoundly negative impact on our progress, the Government remains committed to
the difficult balance of continuing to operate within its means while advancing a socially conscious agenda.
This is demonstrated by initiatives such as the unprecedented relief provided to Bermudian workers and businesses, the cutting of payroll taxes for those earning less than $96,000 annually, the slashing of vehicle licensing fees. You see it in the freezing of fuel prices and our continuing efforts to tackle the cost of living. These, along with the steady increase in tourism numbers and spending, are reasons for hope and optimism.

Your government recognizes that more work needs to be done, and more will be done to address the challenges caused by global inflation and the after-effects of a once-in-a-century pandemic. Your PLP
Government remains connected to our community and will continue to advance policy initiatives that ease the pressure on struggling Bermudians, expand opportunities, and break down impediments to Bermudians success. We encourage Bermudians to remain steadfast as our island continues on the path of economic

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