Premier introduces online payment portal

I am pleased to speak to you today to announce exciting progress that the Government is making
in our ongoing journey towards enhancing the efficiency and convenience of government
services, as promised in the 2023 Speech from the Throne with the launch of the Government’s
online payment portal.

The Government recognises the importance of aligning our service delivery with our legislative
framework and that our responsibilities go beyond legislation and policy. We also have an obligation to ensure that Government services are accessible and delivered well.

These services must be effective, efficient, and dependable, as the people of Bermuda deserve a
level of service that matches our claim of being a sophisticated jurisdiction. Today, we are taking one of our first steps in that direction and our promise to advance the digital

transformation of government services with the launch of an online payment portal, which will
firstly allow capability for online payments of parking tickets. Currently, to pay a parking ticket, an individual must go in person to the court building, gobthrough security, wait in line if there is one, and then go to the cashier with their information and credit or debit card to pay.

Starting Monday, 1 July, the people of Bermuda will be able to pay for their parking tickets online
by simply going to the website, entering the ticket details, providing credit or debit card information, and clicking submit; that is all.

Also, in line with cybersecurity guidance and protecting privacy, it is essential to note that no
personal information, including credit card details, will be retained on Government systems or servers. Therefore, individuals will be asked to reenter the information with every transaction.

You may save it on your own browser if you wish, but it will not be retained on the Government side. The Government system will not hold onto your card details, name, or other details entered when you use the payment portal.

This online parking ticket payment capability is the first phase in our broader vision, one in which all government payments can be made quickly and easily online. The Government is executing a broad digital transformation strategy to simplify processes, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall experience for residents and businesses.

We recognise the key touch points for our citizens and their interactions with their Government and accept that more is required to deliver efficient service in key areas. Many residents also made this clear in their submissions to the Red Tape Reduction Consultation, and the Government has listened.
In closing, I would like to thank the Chief Justice for the work his team has done on this particular
project and reiterate that the Government’s vision is for any payment that can be made at the
cashier’s desk to be able to be made on the online payment portal. We will continue to roll out more services that can be paid online.

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