Potholes top priority for Works and Engineering roads crew

“Our Highways teams are working to address the pothole issues that plague our roads,” said Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col. the Hon. David A. Burch, OBE (Mil), ED, JP, MP, in an update on the Government’s efforts to repair public roads.


The Ministry of Public Works is actively addressing the issue of potholes across Bermuda’s road network. This has impacted the motoring public, especially following the recent heavy rainfall, which has exacerbated the situation. 


Despite unprecedented rainfall challenges over the past year, the Ministry remains focused on improving road conditions and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of all road users.


Minister Burch added: “Unfortunately, we cannot repair all potholes simultaneously. We understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by these road conditions. I assure you that every report is taken seriously, and action is being taken to remedy these issues as swiftly as possible.


“I have to drive on the same roads as everyone else, and I too regularly report the potholes that I notice to the potholes@gov.bm email address so that the Highways team can address them.”


The Ministry acknowledges the concerns raised by residents regarding potholes, emphasising that efforts to fill all reported potholes are continuous. 


Residents are encouraged to exercise extreme caution while driving on the roads and to drive preventively to avoid going over potholes. 

The public is encouraged to continue reporting potholes to potholes@gov.bm to facilitate efficient and timely repairs. 


A day of fair weather without rain, allows the Ministry’s Highways team to initiate essential road repairs, prioritising the filling of reported potholes. 


This systematic approach ensures that repairs are durable and practical, mitigating the risk of further deterioration due to wet weather.


Minister Burch added, “As I have reported previously, the Government’s asphalt plant, crucial for pothole repairs, has been out of service since last summer, leading to a reliance on asphalt from the other vendor — East End Asphalt. 


“However, East End Asphalt’s plant is also currently out of service. The Ministry has adapted by utilising bagged asphalt as a temporary solution to repair potholes. 


“This interim measure allows the Highways team to continue repairing major roads and critical areas during dry periods. Once the plant is operational again – the Ministry will use their asphalt for our paving and pothole filling needs.”


Permanent refurbishments have been delayed due to necessary trenching work for underground Belco cables.  Bermuda’s roads require long-term paving solutions to address the underlying issue of deteriorating infrastructure – however, it will take time to achieve this.


Plans are well underway to procure a new asphalt plantand associated equipment to enhance the Ministry’s repair capabilities, alongside exploring alternative asphalt supplies to mitigate current shortages.


Over the recent weekend, repair works were completed at North Shore Road at Crawl Hill in Hamilton Parish and Edgehill Drive on Middle Road in Paget, demonstrating the Ministry’s focus on improving road conditions.


Minister Burch emphasised, “While we recognise that the road to recovery is not without its challenges, permanently restoring our roads is my number one priority. Realistically, we are six months away from a new plant being operational and producing asphalt on a regular basis. 


“We thank the community for their continued support and patience as we work towards permanent solutions for our road infrastructure.”

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