Police Leave Young Couple and Infant Stranded on Roadside over Tinted Vehicle

Word coming to TNN suggesting that police officers impounded a vehicle near Middle Road, Devonshire this evening, in between 6:30 and 7 p.m.

According to a post on social media, a young couple with a three-month old baby were in the car that got impounded

“ Along my journey on Middle Road, I got pulled over by two police officers on bikes who were sitting just across the road,” the post began. “ Both officers told me that I had to get out of the car with my sleeping baby and that they planned to impound my car to assess my tint to see if it was too dark.”

According to the post, the two officers left the parents and their infant stranded on the road with their cell phones about to die. One officer had badge number 860 but the other one’s number is unknown.

“ The police don’t seem to care about potholes in the road, one which nearly killed my cousin while on her bike . . . but they are quick to pull me over and impound the car over tint,” the post continued.

“ As I was being harassed, four cars drove past which also looked like they had a dark tint, [but the officers did not stop and impound those vehicles.”
“ We have families who have lost loved ones due to senseless murders and the police force have failed the community in getting justice and instead choose to harass a couple and their baby over tint, leaving us on the street with a cold, crying baby and without an effective mean of communication.”

According to the post, the couple were willing to work with the officers in question and to even receive a ticket for the tint. Instead, the officers chose to leave them all standed.

“ If I would have had an emergency this evening, I will be stranded and carless with a baby,” the post concluded. “ The energy conveyed by these two officers should be towards more important acts of crime than a car with a tint. I did not feel safe nor protected [by these officers].”

TNN understands that the officers offered to give the couple a ride, but according to one of the occupants in the car, the police vehicle also had a police sniffer dog in it, so they refused.

TNN also understands that the car in question was stopped months ago at the beginning of the pandemic for the same tint issue.Stay tuned to further updates on this story.
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