PLP Leader David Burt Under Fire Within His Own Party

PLP party leader David Burt came under fire last night at as the party held its by weekly Central Committee (CC) meeting. TNN News received word from a reliable source, that a group of members stated the problems the party face are solely due to party leader David Burt.


TNN, also spoke to a senior PLP stalwart, in light of our recent report on dissatisfaction with political leader David Burt. “The party is not divided, what you see unfolding is a family dispute that should not have been made public.


However, that is the nature of political parties and while we would prefer those individuals not make internal matters public, we cannot prevent them from making their concerns known, even if anonymously.


My belief is members are choosing to go public because they feel they have no recourse with a leader they view as unaccomodating and even vindictive. The current leader would do well to take page from Dr. Ewart Brown’s book. Say what you will about Dr. Brown, but he listened to the party faithful. There wasn’t any of this preferential treatment that you see now.


Many view the current leadership as not being true to the ideals of the party. Even in terms of affairs outside the party, there is a feeling the current leadership is failing Bermudians. One only needs look at the appointment of a lawyer in the DPP’s office to the Supreme Court, while two highly experienced Bermudians were overlooked. Dr. Brown would have pushed back big time or at least made his opposition known.


This current leader, not so much. And that is where the problems lie. There is a feeling if a situation does not directly affect or impact David Burt, he is not overly concerned. It’s if once his agenda is being followed, there’s no need to rock the boat.”

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