PLP continues its unwavering commitment to Workers says Derrik Burgess PLP

The PLP has been unwavering in our commitment to support the  workers of Bermuda. This Government has worked tirelessly to improve workers’ rights and protections.

Much has been achieved over the last 5 years to transform promises  into a tangible reality. Through a series of legislative reforms and initiatives, the government has focused on strengthening employee well-being, promoting fairness, and fostering a more equitable work environment.  The Government’s track record is clear; the PLP Government has:

1. Enhanced Compensation and Leave:

Minimum Wage: In 2023, Bermuda enacted its first-ever statutory minimum wage of $16.40, ensuring a baseline standard for worker compensation. This landmark legislation will help to improve the lives of many Bermudians and their families.
Increased Compensation for Injury: Amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act in 2020 provided greater financial support for employees injured on the job.
Expanded Leave Entitlements: The 2020 Employment Act amendments extended maternity leave to 13 weeks and introduced 5 days of paternity leave, recognizing the importance of family time for working parents.

2. Stronger Protections and Fairer Practices:

Anti-Discrimination Measures: The Employment Act amendments also included provisions against bullying and sexual harassment, creating a safer and more respectful workplace for all.
Improved Redundancy Procedures: Clearer guidelines and increased compensation for redundancy situations were implemented to offer greater security and support to displaced workers.
Clarification of Employee/Contractor Definitions: This helps to ensure that individuals receive the rights and protections they deserve based on their employment status.

3. Streamlined Regulations and Enhanced Enforcement:

Consolidated Labour Legislation: In 2021, the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act streamlined various labour laws into a single, cohesive framework.
Establishment of the Department of Labour: This dedicated department strengthens the government’s capacity to enforce labour laws and regulations effectively.
Publication of Guidance Documents: Guides covering topics like working in Bermuda, the minimum wage rate,and independent contractor status provide valuable information and resources for both employers and employees.

These initiatives represent significant steps forward to securing a brighter future for Bermuda’s workforce. There is no doubt that the Progressive Labour Party has demonstrated and will continue to be the Party which supports the workers of Bermuda.

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