People Don’t Have To Die Says Dr. Kyjuan Brown

It’s hard as a physician and a member of this community to not speak out. People do not have to die from this disease!

We have the vaccine that primes the body’s immune system so that it would recognize the virus. In addition to this, we also have effective treatments.

My colleagues and I at Northshore Medical Center have been successfully treating COVID-19 since the very first wave. At this point, we have treated over 250 patients and their families with no deaths and very few, if any, hospitalizations.

With such results, it is hard to sit idly by and watch more people die. We are not alone as there are a handful of other courageous doctors within our community who agree that prescribing Tylenol and water is not an acceptable standard of care.

All physicians take an oath to first do no harm, however, we have seen the outcomes of Tylenol and water as it relates to this disease.

The purpose of this post is NOT to solicit more patients, however, it is to educate and empower our people to consider the variety of treatments which are available to them.

I invite everyone to review the data and protocols published by the FrontLine Critical Care Alliance of which a few of us are members.

Not withstanding the vaccines are proving to be effective in preventing severe disease and death, vaccinated patients are still getting very ill from this disease.

The aim of outpatient treatment options and vaccines are to prevent hospitalization and death.

The key to success is early treatment at the first signs of symptoms, or of being notified that you were we exposed by a close contact, or immediately upon diagnosis. Symptoms are – but not limited to -headache, weakness, nausea, fever, cough, congestion, runny nose, shortness of breath and most diagnostic of the disease is a loss of taste or smell.

Don’t wait until you’re so breathless that you’re admitted to hospital; for after admission we would no longer be able to assist you.

We have seen a large number of patients who test negative, however, they have all the classic symptoms. This virus is nothing to play with as we have also seen patients go from zero to one hundred very fast! Early treatment = survival!

The patients we have seen over the past few outbreaks have been both vaccinated and unvaccinated. The unvaccinated group are far more sick than the vaccinated group, however, all have survived.

Survival does not mean back to normal as many of our patients have long-standing complications after contracting this virus. Complications such as, but not limited to, breathing problems, lack of energy, brain fog, kidney and heart disease. Nonetheless, these conditions are also treatable.

They have all survived to tell their stories. If your primary care physician is not willing to offer you treatment, then you need to seek someone that will. Survive
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