Serious concerns have been raised over the level of care and attention being provided for a man with mental health issues, who has been targeting the area in and around Southampton Rangers Sports Club.

Earlier this week the man was seen to approach a football training session at Southampton Oval involving a group of young footballers while brandishing a knife, abhorring the players to vacate the field, which he purportedly had claimed to be his property.

The man, who apparently resides in a rental unit bordering the property, was halted in his efforts to intimidate and potentially do harm by the team’s youth coach.

Yet, even as the coach was able to subvert an attack he understood the collateral damage done to the integrity of the programme, a scenario that so angered the former senior team player, that he, allegedly, had to be calmed and convinced not to take physical action against the perpetrator.

The incident involving the youngsters was but one of at least two recent incidents of intimidation and violence involving the same man, who reportedly believed to have previously punched a woman in her face for no apparent, while she passed near his residence a eyewitness stated.

There was also a situation where the same individual appeared on club property brandishing a hammer, but was chased away by persons attending the club grounds.

At this year’s Labour Day celebration at Union Square Prison Officers Association (POA) chairman Timothy Seon told a gathered crowd how prison had become a “dumping ground” for people with mental health issues, yet it would appear at least one has escaped such punishment, as well as treatment, much to the chagrin of one Southampton neighbourhood.

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