Ongoing Taxi Rate Increase Require National Attention says BTOA

There have been significant complications with the calibration of taxi meters following the introduction of new rates.

Despite multiple rounds of calibration, testing, and approval by the Transport Control Department (TCD), numerous issues persist, causing frustration and financial strain for taxi operators.
To provide a brief overview of the situation:
– Despite efforts to address calibration issues, each round of calibration has revealed new challenges, leading to repeated processes for over 200 taxi operators each time.
– Mistakes by TCD and the Ministry have resulted in incorrect base rates, missing rate deployments, and faulty meter data, significantly impacting fare calculations for passengers.
– TCD’s recent decision to delay resolving current calibration issues until all taxis are calibrated with the latest rounds of calibration exacerbates the situation, leaving operators in limbo and exposing them to potential penalties.
– Despite these critical issues, there has been a lack of transparency and official communication from TCD and the Ministry, with no public announcements to inform passengers of the ongoing challenges.
The Bermuda Taxi Owners & Operators Association (BTOA) has been actively engaged in discussions with TCD officials and the Transport Minister to address these pressing concerns.
However, despite our efforts to seek clarification and resolution, we have yet to receive a formal response.
We believe that the public reserve the right to be informed about the challenges facing Bermuda’s taxi industry and the efforts being made to resolve them.
As a respected national news outlet, we urge you to consider covering this important issue to shed light on the difficulties encountered by taxi operators and the need for timely and transparent communication from government authorities.
We are available for interviews or further inquiries to provide additional details and insights into this matter.
Your assistance in bringing attention to these issues would be greatly appreciated by our members and the public at large.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

We look forward to your prompt response and potential coverage of this important issue.

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