OBA Leader, Jarion Richardson Reply To The Throne Speech

The Throne Speech had the potential to be one of the most important to be delivered in recent times, but instead it lacked substance, direction and effective solutions for the problems faced by Bermudians.  Where was the cohesiveness?

People are struggling to find employment, the cost of living is skyrocketing, and our seniors are worrying about how they are going to survive…

Teachers and parents are losing faith with the Bermuda Public School System, our roads are deplorable and healthcare costs are eye-watering…

Yet today’s Progressive Labour Party Throne Speech has shown the residents of Bermuda one clear picture—they have failed to lead and they truly have no plan for our future. It’s time for them to go.

Our island desperately needs real leadership in order to provide hope.

The Progressive Labour Party has failed to do this and has not delivered results: a combination that is potentially devastating for the people of Bermuda.

We deserve better.

The speech lacked substance; it was repetitive and full of empty promises. The PLP boasted about how well it managed Covid, so much so that it felt confident enough to call an election off its back…but what has the Government done well in the three years since?

Today the Government admitted that they still haven’t found an efficient way to certify the deceased…it admitted that the condition of our roads are substandard, immigration is a disaster, better service is needed from the civil service, and our farmers and fisherman haven’t been listened to.

Where is the cohesiveness in this year’s Throne Speech? It feels as if different ideas were thrown together without any real thought about how they will work together holistically?

New ideas mean nothing if they can’t be funded and are never delivered.

Creating new committees will do what besides adding layers of bureaucracy? And we know the people of Bermuda are already tired of that!

 The PLP needs to stop rehashing old promises and create tangible, cohesive strategies which benefit all facets of Bermuda so that the island can thrive once again.

The Government needs to take responsibility for its lackluster approach. We are no longer leaders in the world. It is time for this cabinet to go.

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