New Government Covid Regulations For Large Group Exemptions

These have been very trying times for many sectors in our community. Cultural and sporting events have been severely impacted and it is very disheartening to me, personally, to have to consider further restrictions to already stretched sectors that are so important to Bermuda’s social, mental and physical well-being.

My Ministry fully appreciates the health and social benefits of sportand culture, and their importance. Nevertheless, we must balance this with the country’s need to ensure everyone’s safety. 


Given the increasing cases of Coronavirus that Bermuda is currently experiencing and to protect those vulnerable individuals in our community, additional protocols for large groups will be put in place


As the Minister of Health has said, a curfew will be between 12:30 am, and 5:30 am. This means all previously approved large group exemptions, as well as future ones, will be subject to curfew. A large group exemption does not exempt you from curfew. Events must end in time to allow persons to safely get home, without speeding or becoming a risk on the roads.


Additionally, approvals for large group events, effective Thursday, 23 December, will be limited to a maximum of 50 persons if indoors, and to a maximum of 100 persons if outdoors. Events combining indoor and outdoor components will be limited to 50 persons.

This will apply to all future applications for the time being. Previously approved events can proceed with their approved numbers, although we do recommend that event organizers limit group sizes as much as possible.

The current Standard Conditions for large group events require all attendees to have a verified SafeKey. In light of the current situation, we will now also require attendees to take an antigen test on the day of the event as an additional precautionEvent organiserswill be responsible for monitoring and enforcing these protocols.

Antigen tests will be required for all previously approved events, as well as new applications. For sporting events, this means spectators must produce both a SafeKey and an antigen test. For the sporting group, comprised of athletes and officials, the Return to Play Testing Framework will remain in effect as the requirement to train and compete.

The Ministry recognises that some large group events were approved before announcing these protocols. We are keenly aware of the impact they may have on organisersHowever, these precautions are essential to keep us all safe. And antigen tests empower hosts and attendees to practice personal responsibility and social solidarity to keep events safe.

Moving forward, all large group event applications will be processed under these new policies. Also, and as per the StandardConditions, wearing masks, contract tracing, physical distancing, and other public health guidance must be followed. 

I appreciate that these health and safety measures can be an inconvenience and challenge many. But it is the responsibility of the Government to protect the people of this country from harm. And it is our individual responsibility to keep each other safe. To that end, we are committed to preventing the spread of Covid-19 in Bermuda and saving lives. 

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