Nasir Brangman isn’t about to allow a recessed economy to stunt his growth.

Quite the opposite, he’s expecting to flourish in the midst of hard times by becoming more self-sufficient, and is encouraging others to join him in using available, free resources to effect growth.

TNN’s Trevor Lindsay happened upon Mr Brangman working a large pile of compost while travelling along Palmetto Road and stopped to find out what the man’s intentions were with all the organic matter.

Mr Brangman shared how he intended to use the dressing to enhance his garden, while adding to the paw paws and bananas he has already growing at his residence.

“I plan to plant some vegetables,” said Mr Brangman. “I’m not sure which vegetables, I have some paw paws and bananas, but I hoping to start my garden with some mulch and go from there.

“The mulch is free, it’s rich and has many nutrients. Sometimes you get some random plants in it. I’m going to take it and try it. It’s my first time using it, so we’ll see what happens.

He added how he’d likely encourage those in his neighbourhood to do the same in a effort to curtail rising food costs and lessen the high cost of living on the Island.

“If my neighbour sees me I would invite my neighbour to come get some and suggest they start theirs too,” he said. “I’m trying to elevate myself and hopefully see others do the same and lean to do these things for themselves, whereby we can save money.

“Let’s all start gardening, helping each other and feel that vibe, you know, really support each other, share the knowledge and move forward.”

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