Most Recent Yellow Card Report Shows Link Between Vaccines and Health Problems

In the United Kingdom, the Yellow Card Scheme collects and monitors safety concerns involving medicine and medical devices.

British Conservative MP Sir Christopher Chope revealed in the House of Commons recently what the Yellow Card unveiled in their most recent report, which was released on Thursday September 9 and covered the period from December 9, 2020 to September 1 of this year.

“ The Yellow Card shows that there have been 435 reports of major blood clots and low platelet counts [which resulted in] 74 deaths, 767 cases of heart inflammation and 35,000 reports of menstrual disorder.”

According to Sir Chope, all of these conditions and many more occurred as a direct or indirect result of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

“ It’s very important that we are able to put this issue into context, because there is a lot more damage to our citizens as a result of COVID-19 vaccinations than in any other vaccination program in history,” he said.

Sir Chope believes that receiving a COVID vaccine should not be mandatory and that it should be the job of every individual as to whether or not they want to take, what is in his opinion, the risk of getting vaccinated or not.

“ Even if people are vaccinated, it does not make them immune from COVID-19 and does not mean, either, that they are incapable of transmitting the virus to someone else,” he said. “ . . . [people] cannot suppress reports of coroners saying that someone has died as a [direct or indirect] result of getting vaccinated.”

According to him, there are many hospitalized patients in the U.K. who are hospitalized only because they received the vaccine. As a result, the vaccine is causing angst amongst consultants across the country.

“ We know that there is causation between vaccinations and damage caused by those vaccines. Yet, the government, in a lot of its literature, seems to be denying that,” Sir Chope concluded.
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