Ministry of National Security downplays Westgate Correctional Facility Challenges

“The Ministry of National Security is aware of a recent article published by TNN regarding an incident at the Department of Corrections. It should be stressed that aspects of the story were false and sensationalist, and that is disappointing. It is important to point out that the inaccurate report was published before the Department of Corrections (DOC) had the benefit of providing a response.

“And it is wholly irresponsible to present news reports to the public which are fabricated and unbalanced. The Ministry takes this opportunity to emphasise the importance of correct, responsible and truthful journalism, especially in sensitive operational contexts like correctional facilities.

“That said, and for the benefit of the public, the Ministry can advise that on Monday, 8 April 2024, an incident occurred within the Westgate Correctional facility involving two inmates, which necessitated medical attention for one individual. This event was an isolated altercation and not as widespread as has been inaccurately reported.

“Correctional environments inherently include challenges such as occasional disputes among inmates. However, our Corrections staff are trained to handle such situations promptly and effectively, and they manage these incidents with the utmost professionalism, diligence and attention.

“The incident in question was quickly resolved, and the control or security of the Westgate Correctional Facility was never compromised.

“The recent incident underscores the challenges inherent in managing correctional facilities. But the public can be assured that the DOC maintains stringent security measures and protocols designed to actively monitor inmate behaviour.

“These measures ensure the safety and security of all staff, inmates, and visitors.”

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