Today, we embrace World Hypertension Day with a determination to spread awareness about high blood pressure and the importance of accurate blood pressure measurement.

With the theme, “ Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, and Live Longer, the focus is on:

Combatting low awareness rates of hypertension worldwide, especially in low- to middle-income areas
Promoting accurate blood pressure measurement methods
Communicating the importance of hypertension and its serious medical complications to the public
Providing information on the prevention, detection, and management of hypertension

Our heart is the silent hero tirelessly pumping life through our veins. Heart health isn’t just a matter of existence; it’s the cornerstone of our well-being, and by looking after our hearts, we ensure the efficient distribution of nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies.

However, protecting against heart disease requires more than mere acknowledgment; it requires action. It starts with understanding the risks and taking proactive steps to make healthy choices.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age, serves as a shield against heart disease, drastically reducing the likelihood of heart attacks or strokes.

So, I encourage everyone to prioritize your hearts and make choices that contribute to a lifetime of vitality and wellness.

Commit to embracing a nutritious diet, minimizing salt intake, managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, prioritizing quality sleep, practicing stress-reducing techniques, and staying physically active.

Remember, each positive choice we make contributes to a stronger, healthier heart and a brighter future ahead!

Before I close, I want to commend the Department of Health’s Health Promotion team for their tireless efforts in organizing this hypertension awareness celebration. Your dedication to safeguarding heart health does not go unnoticed, and we are immensely grateful for your commitment.

Today, there’s a wealth of valuable information at our fingertips, alongside the opportunity to speak with pharmacists and receive free screenings. All of theseresources here today can provide invaluable insights into our health and empower us to make informed decisions about our well-being.

Before I close, I want to discuss briefly an important initiative that benefits our community.

In 2021, the Hamilton Health Centre began offering clinical service to patients with non-communicable diseases, and in January 2023, the Ministry partnered with the Pan American Health Organization to implement HEARTS in the Americas, an award-winning programme adapted from the HEARTS Clinical Pathway.

Bermuda is one of 33 countries in the Americas that has signed on to the programme.  The programme, implemented at the primary care level, addresses cardiovascular risk factors in primary care settings through the promotion of healthy lifestyle, standardized treatment protocols and medications, accurate blood pressure measurements, and team-based care.  

To facilitate easier access to health care for the uninsured and underinsured population, the Government has developed and adopted a best-practice hypertensive treatment algorithm and has made these medications available free of cost for this population seeking care at the Hamilton Health Centre. The standardized treatment algorithm utilizes antihypertensives shown to produce maximal benefits and is initiated for clients who are uncontrolled.  

We are working towards a healthier community, and I urge everyone to take proactive steps towards a healthier, happier you.

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