MediWaste Receives New Contract For Biohazardous Collection

MediWaste (Triad Limited) is a Bermuda-based and Bermudian owned company that specializes in the internationally compliant and best practice collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of biohazardous wastes (hereafter defined as “medical waste”) for facilities of all sizes.  MediWaste will use two incinerators (within their locally-based facility) that are specifically designed to dispose of medical waste.  

At present, medical waste is collected from community generators by the Department of Health and delivered to BHB for disposal(where they have been using macerators / sterilizers, to destroy the Island’s biomedical waste).

MediWaste has obtained approval from the Department of Health (and all associated Government entities) to provide Medical Waste Management Services to all community generators.  In addition, MediWaste has recently secured a long-term contract with the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) for the complete management(collection and disposal) of all medical waste generated by all facilities under their management. As a result, within the next 4 – 6 weeks, MediWaste will take over medical waste collection and disposal service from the Department of Health and BHBrespectively and thus all community generators (dentists, doctor offices, labs, clinics, veterinarian practices, tattoo parlors, pharmacies, barbers etc.) will have direct access to MediWaste services.  

A reasonable fee schedule based on US pricing and adjusted for fuel costs for the transport and disposal of medical waste is being finalized.  Community generators will have access to an onlineclient portal that will have features such as real time and historic collection data, detailed billing and the ability to request adhoc collections.

Medical waste requires special handling and disposal.  Incorrect medical waste disposal presents a public health risk and can also directly and seriously injure general waste collection workers and recycling centre workers. Furthermore, disposal of medical waste erroneously within the general waste system can incur significant monetary fines and punitive damages to offending establishments and individuals. The different types of medical waste which SHOULD NOT be included with regular waste or recycling include:

1. Infectious Waste – Anything that’s infectious or contaminated
2. Biohazardous Waste & Sharps – PPE, sharps (waste such as needles, scalpels, broken glass and razors) and other forms of waste that have been contaminated with body fluid and microbiological cultures.
3. Pathological Waste – Human or animal tissue, body parts, blood and fluids.
4. Pharmaceutical Waste – Unused and expired drug or medicines, like creams, pills, antibioticsincluding, prescription and over-the-counter medications, veterinary medications, and nutritional supplements.
5. Genotoxic Waste – Cytotoxic drugs and other hazardous toxic waste, that’s carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic.
6. Radioactive Waste – Any waste containing potentially radioactive materials
7. Chemical Waste – Liquid waste, typically from machines, batteries and disinfectants

In order to comply with Bermuda’s medical waste policy, community generators of medical waste are required to register with MediWaste by March 21st 2022. Registration can be completed online at Registration will also ensure that generators will receive all critical updates and correspondence pertaining to establishing collection services.

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