Mass Exodus of Crown Councils from DPP’s Office The Question Is Why…

Word coming to TNN Suggesting the recent high number of  resignations from the Department of Public Prosecutions, is due mainly to the management style of Ms. Cindy Clarke, the current director of Director of Public Prosecutions.
The record would show that three Crown Counsel out of the seven who have recently left, worked in the government department for over fifteen years.
We’re told many of these individuals have left the Office of the DPP without having  secured employment elsewhere, so determined we’re they to leave.
Our source at the DPP’s office has deemed the office an extremely toxic environment, accusing the director of less than ethical behavior.
According to our source, “Under the previous Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Larry Mussenden, there may have beeen one or two persons who moved to the private sector.  Mr. Mussenden demonstrated a completely different style of management.”.
In response to the departures, first reported by TNN, The DPP’s office issued the following statement.
“The Department is in the process of recruitment.  Two counsel are scheduled to commence employment early in September.  The public can be assured that there has been no reduction in the coverage of Court or trials.  We wish those counsel who are moving on to new endeavors all the best in their future.”