Marc Daniels Shares His 18 Day Journey Fighting Pneumonia + Covid [Pt.1]

Lawyer Marc Daniels expressed on social media tonight his experience he’s had with the Covid-19 coronavirus. Marc give a timeline starting from August 31st until now, 18 days of his battle with Covid-19.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021: checked out of Tuckers’ Point from a nice staycation with my Queen for our 8th ♾ anniversary. At peace in my soul.

Wednesday, 1 September 2021: I woke up happy and loved. Went to work. Felt great. Did not eat breakfast or lunch. But that sometimes happens. Had limited water and of course – cups of coffee to carry me through the day.

Had an urgent new clients facing the prospect of being removed as directors from a company they highly invested in. Left the office after 9:00 pm. Felt some lower back aches, which I sometimes suffer from. Had a late dinner at home and tried to rest.

Thursday, 2 September 2021: woke up feeling slightly off. Cleared my schedule with the intent of working from home but as the day progressed I could not muster the energy, motivation, or focus required. Agreed to listen to my body and rest but that really mean I just didn’t read as much as I needed. Late in the early evening, I noticed my body and headaches intensify greatly and quickly.

Felt very dehydrated. By the late evening my skin became very irritable to the touch. I did not want Kim to even touch me. Wondered if it was the flu based on those symptoms (even though I had not experienced a flu in nearly two decades and it’s not flu season). Later that night, I felt shivers, in bed; but I had no demonstrable fever. Fatigue kicking in. Drank lemongrass tea and copious glasses of water with fruits and limited light food. Children sent to my parents as a precaution in the event this was Covid despite not seeing the three promoted symptoms of: cough, fever or shortness of breath.

Friday, 3 September to Monday, 6 September 2021: no cough. No noticeable fever. No breathing concerns. However, fatigue intensifying daily. Body and head aches not abating. Energy feeling very low. Urinating a lot. Drinking lots of water but constantly thirsty – cottonmouth. Diarrhea on a few occasions. I noticed that I had a slightly dry skin rash next to my left pinky toe and it was getting more flaky-looking. I also noticed redness by my groin but no pain or discharge.

Go outside naked frequently to let the sunlight touch my body. Moments of congestion towards Monday evening. My face looked different. All of the darker brown tones I happily had acquired now looked the color grey and drawn low. Heat pad sent from mom was a God sent. Loading up on elderberry tea multiple times a day and more fruit.

Tuesday, 7 September 2021: sporadic moments of relief. Headache and back ache stopped. Felt some fluttering back spasms. Spent more time laying outside. Felt a little more energetic that evening. No congestion. Still no cough or perceived fever. Later that evening I felt the most energy I had since it started. Flattered to deceive.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021: woke up early. Took a private covid test. Enjoyed some sunshine. Fatigue returned my midday. More diarrhea during the day. Late in the afternoon I had a spasm in my left diaphragm. My dad just happened to come check up on me. He saw me keel over. He got worried by the way I was holding my ribs thinking it was was my heart.

Dad called an ambulance despite my resistance to going to the hospital and explaining that I was ok and needed to stretch and take time to catch my breath. If I had covid, I didn’t want to put others at risk as I didn’t need help breathing. EMTs were busy. I definitely didn’t want to take up their resources. Fire came by the house. Bless them but took all the wrong readings. They said my blood sugar was 52 (I am not diabetic) they also said some blood pressure numbers that were woefully off. That didn’t help the mental state.

The the EMTs arrived. I walked out the house to show them I was good. In the ambulance proper vitals taken and proper recordings. Numbers all good. On the ambulance ride I heard reports of people that were having seizures and heart attack/stroke and shortness of breath. Now I really I didn’t want to take up unnecessary resources. Arrived around 6 something. Many people were laying in the hallways laid out. I joined the crew. Remained in hallway until 10:00 pm. Diaphragm remained tender but fine. Nurse came and took my temperature and left. I requested to self discharge by 10:10 pm.

I walked to the second double exit door before today’s. Nurse ran after me callee me back. Temperature at 102.7. I did not feel warm. Doctor checked my breathing. Crackling all over. Given pain medicine. Sent for xrays and blood work. Kim waited outside the whole time. Also talked with My sister “Ko” a lot we kept the good vibes flowing. 1 am told blood work was excellent but I had pneumonia in my lungs. I was given a second pcr test. Nurse drew a lot of blood. Not sure where that came from. Teased her hand skills. We smiled.

More worried about what she did then anything else. Received antibiotics then discharged a second time. Kim brought me food. Super hungry. Tried to eat some in the car as she drove us home. Felt nauseous. Walked inside of home and fell straight sleep. Woke up middle of the night as per normal but felt a little rest.

Thursday, 9 September 2021: woke up early feeling better. Shaved. Showered. Swept the floor. Washed dishes. Helped tidy up. Took antibiotics. Rested. Later in the day noticed my lungs expanding and contacting for the first time. Felt tight. Not painful but very different. Received double confirmation results that I am positive for covid. Spoke with Nathaniel for his birthday.

That made me happy. But he worries too much. Made me emotional. Did not sleep well. Up every two hours or less (again). Tossed and turned a lot. Many dreams. Mostly seemed to be connected to various deadlines and my workload. Feeling stressed about clients. Thinking about how I need to be here for my family. Too much thinking.

Friday, 10 September 2021: relentless phone calls and messages for work. Trying to answer but trying to rest. Not good balance. Speech feels very labored. Tired after talking too long. Lungs feel tight. Kimmie finally got her test. Thankfully she showed limited signs of having contracted anything. Sophia connected me with a network of angels who have gone over and beyond looking out for me: Amir, Mel, Dr. Amani Flood, Dr. Dowling – he blessed me with a house visit. Good reasoning.

Strength of mind. Clarity about the experience. Loaded with vitamins, antibiotics, steroids, ivermectin, homeopathic medicines and teas, and an oxygen reader provided by Dr. Winstanley and an oxygen machine by Dr. Dowling. Talk about feeling loved and protected. Another healthy meal for dinner. Raw kale salad and olive oil, lightly wilted collard greens and roasted garlic avocado and plaintain and a small piece of local tuna. Early rest. First night of peaceful sleep. Woke up at 4:00 am. Checked levels used the machine. Oxygen back up.

Saturday, 11 September 2021: woke up at 6:45 am felt refreshed. Felt good. Took vitamins followed by elderberry tea. Watched Viera best Tottenham – Yes I! Watched Arsenal scrape by – whew. Can’t wait to stick it to Nalda (Tottenham fan). More football. Breathing feels ok. But I feel the pressure in my lungs when they reach capacity. It doesn’t hurt to take deep breaths but I feel them. Drinking cold pressed collard greens, carrots, ginger and apples. Healthy foods and plenty rest. Friends checking in. Energy levels still not back. Walking around seems exhausting. Trying to stay put is hard. Not seeing my girls and spending time with them is really taking a toll. Had a good reasoning with Jah Pilot and Monie. They uplifted my spirits tremendously.

Sunday, 12 September 2021: woke up at 9:00 am took vitamin regime with lime water and drank elderberry tea. Laying outside in the sun for over two hours. Drinking lots of cold pressed juices: apple, ginger, collard greens, pineapple, orange. By midday energy levels very low. Lots of diarrhea again. Dehydrated. More water and elderberry tea. Conversations with Dr. Dowling. Back on oxygen machine to raise levels. Kim received negative test results for covid. The girls and my parents are perfectly fine as well. But I am really really tired and weak. Walking outside on the property took a lot of of me. Being told to sit still a lot. I don’t like feeling dependent. Trying to remain positive re: the timing of my recovery. This is taking longer than I thought. I’m supposed to be strong but I don’t feel it.

Monday, 13 September 2021: woke up at 4:00 am and then 7:30 am. Resting in bed. Loose bowels but not diarrhea. More vitamins and water and elderberry tea as per norm to start my day. Oxygen at 90 just from walking around doing morning regime. Back up to 96 when sitting in bed with oxygen machine. Nose slightly runny for the first time. Found out one of my good friends is also going through the covid struggle except that he is in ICU in the hospital. He asked that we share our “war stories”. His decline was faster than mine. We will rise above this brother – together! Some lawyers being lawyers, other being real supportive. Thank you Charles for agreeing to hold me down. I’m so exhausted though. Of course client demands do not stop and neither do the courts. I need to drawn out others demands. I need to think more about healing from within.

Gavin brought me e sweetest oranges I have ever tasted. I like oranges now. Never ate them much. Doctor mentioned “long covid” today (he did not diagnosis it!). But the words did set me back mentally. Not accepting weakness of the body, mind or spirit so I’ve kitted up with my armor. Trying to remember I need to heal from within and negative thinking can’t achieve that. Received more doses of ivermectin and some other tools. Looking forward toward tomorrow and making progress. I have no regrets. I’m confident I will come out stronger and more resilient. Paciencia y fe.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021: woke up at 9:00 am. Slept over 12 hours. Woke up feeling rested and a bit more energetic. Oxygen levels at 95. Went to the bathroom. Urine was darker than the last two weeks. Walked to kitchen and returned to bed. Oxygen levels remain decent without machine: fluctuating 92/93/94. Yesterday when was not using the machine it would drop to 80/81/82. I’ll take this as a step of progress.

Later in the day I felt fatigue again. I went outside and my oxygen levels dropped back to the 80s but I was not panting as much as perhaps I had done so yesterday. Kim reached out to my big brother Antoine. He sent me positive vibes. Kim squeezed fresh onion juice and rubbed me down all over my chest with it whilst I popped blueberries and raisins and then drank some more elderberry tea and took my further doses of medicine.

Took a long nap this afternoon. Kimmie gave me a bath in bed with essential oils – that was incredible. She can be by nurse any day of the week. Final round of meds and drinking some muellen tea before bed. Kim applied red soil clay to draw out toxins followed by another bed bath. I think she likes giving out these rubs.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021: I felt very weak. I am unclear whether I am making any progress. I felt dizzy walking outside today I couldn’t stay too long. My nose is both dry and runny and I have clumps of blood coming out. I slept most of the day and the night. I am coughing a bit more and I can tell the mucus is breaking up. I slept practically all day and all night. I don’t have much memory of today. It is a bit of a blur. I just know I’m thankful to be home to have my wife close and to feel her embrace throughout the day. She’s making sure I have liquids and raw food even when I’m half sleep. Saffron/oat milk teas, elderberry tea, Jamaican recipes: onion/garlic/lemon +more I don’t know teas, muellen teas. Eating lots of fruit, raw kale and avocado and vegetables. Another onion juice bath on my chest with hot towel followed by a bed bad.

Thursday, 16 September 2021: I woke up to news that I was dead or in the ICU fighting for my life. My wife took my phone from me for a while. That was a trippy reality to face. Also makes you wonder who really even likes you let alone cares. Then as I started to take my morning vitamins I received a message from my friend that has been going through this covid journey with me (the one that actually has been in ICU). He messaged me around 9:00 am to tell me that the hospital wants to put him under into an induced coma to place him on a ventilator and he is afraid. I immediately started crying but I could not let him know how weak his words made me feel.

Almighty Jah will see him through. He is a fighter and blessed by the Lord. We promised to come through this together and we shall! Man might even get me partying again lol. No time for weak thoughts. Ironically, today I have slightly more energy and I wish I could share it with you my friend. Brother you got this ! We got this! I’ve spent the day trying to connect with him spiritually and hold his hand in the darkness of my mind. Spent the day without using the oxygen machine. Spoke with my brother Roddy. Had a nice reasoning with my sister Tyasha & Cal.

Plenty vitamins and oatmeal lots of fluids and teas. Kim rubbed my chest down with cold pressed onion juice and a hot towel. Ate lots of fruits and dates kale more kale avocado and green salad and roasted shiitake mushrooms. Had a bath in essential oils. Kim rubbed me down with more healing oils. Dawn brought me Amethyst crystals for oxygen. Had a nice reasoning with Najib. Denis and Wolde had me smiling. Kevin and Vicky thanks for the love. Even my MP hit me up to check in on me as did my sister Minister Renee Ming. Also reasoned with my sister Dr. Osseyran. When I closed my eyes before I eel asleep, I see lots of bright blue lights in the darkness of my mind. It was a beautiful radiance.

Friday, 17 September 2021: woke up around 5:54 am to urinate and get more water. House is quiet. Oxygen levels at 95/96 with machine – 93/94 without – another sign of progress. Sent another message of encouragement to my mate. When he comes out I want him to read positive vibes and know how much he is loved. I see my brother hubbardman has been sending me more conscious tunes to keep my own mind right. We hooked up a dehumidifier to the oxygen machine so I did not wake up to a bloody nose, which was nice. Been eating lovely dates and oranges. Thankful to all of those who have been supportive both in word and in deeds.

The outpouring of love and support has been tremendous. Enjoyed outside today despite the overcast. The birds sound beautiful. I managed the strength to walk up my driveway. That felt like a major milestone. Crown counsel have been reaching out as well as some elder members of the bar. I’m thankful for everything. I have love and gratitude. I spoke with Najib today. And my nephew Kaje. Giving thanks to Jah Pilot and Monie for sending more herbal healing remedies. By the way food is medicine. Thinking of sister Tammy – while I always eat vegetables I’m not great with my fruits but I have a new found appreciation for the rainbow the fiber and the liquid:

I haven’t eaten dairy. Time to cut that anyways but it’s hard out for a half ITAL-ian. Beans have been great. I’ve only had limited chicken and fish in corn tacos. This entire experience, I never lost my appetite. Never my faith. I feel more energetic as the day progresses which is different to the norm. Hours later oxygen levels still up. Im going to miss grandmas 100 th bday celebration at sabbath tomorrow but I’ll be there in spirit. In-laws arrived on island last evening. Signs! Ever bless! Dr. Dowling said he would check me again tomorrow. I can’t stress enough what a positive mind state rest and the power of love can do. Tune out the noise. Let go of the ego. Don’t harbor negativity.

We have the power to heal ourselves. Spoke with my sister Megan. We reminded each other it’s necessary to slow down and visualize a more complete existence. So Court, just know I’ve sacrificed holidays and vacations for years to accommodate you but I’m not rushing back to that mistress. Pneumonia is nothing to play with. I’m taking my mercies and I am claiming my power – In my time. For now tho ima listen to my Breda FyaFridaze King Alaphia Henry angry@dem keeping my spirit HIGH. Love uno. I love how you care for the whole community rrra rrraa rrrrraaaa

More life – more livity – more blessings – Bermuda we got this – don’t be afraid – do not give in to division – fyah bun any spirit that causes a rift within the community – give thanks & praise – love and mercy shall strengthen our days – Jah nah sleep – everything in his time – it is written

Written by Barrister Marc Daniels
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