Man Denies Lighting “Friend’s” Shirt on Fire During Police Interview, Court Hears

Man Denies Lighting “Friend’s” Shirt on Fire During Police Interview, Court Hears
During the trial of Jahni Holder and Justin Cameron, both 27, in Supreme Court today, jurors got to watch, listen to a read the transcription of a police interview with Cameron.

Both men are accused of causing Jamar Malik Dill grievous bodily harm and depriving him of his liberty by dousing his shirt in lighter fluid and lighting it on fire as he wore it, as well as beating
him throughout his body, on September 9, 2019.

Earlier on in the trial, jurors heard from Mr. Dill himself, who said, among other things, that he had known both defendants for years before the alleged incident occurred and that as soon as
his shirt caught fire, he tried to take it off his body. Another man was charged with Mr. Cameron and Mr. Holder, but the Prosecution halted the charges against him.

The interview that the jury was shown in Court today took place on September 20, 2019. At the beginning of the interview, Mr. Cameron admitted to knowing Mr. Dill fairly well and claimed that the two lived close to each other. Before the alleged incident, he told police, he and
Mr. Dill used to talk to each other on the phone on an almost daily basis.

In the interview, Mr. Cameron also admitted to “ correcting” Mr. Dill during previous occasions by slapping him across the face, but also claimed to doing his best to keep Mr. Dill, whom he
viewed as a friend, on the straight and narrow and on the “ right path.”


He also admitted to police in the interview that he was at Mr. Holder’s residence, where the incident occurred, but only to get “ what he needed to get (marijuana),” and then left. However,
he denied playing any part in lighting Mr. Dill’s shirt on fire while he wore it; one of the things that he is on trial for.


Mr. Cameron also told police that, deep in his heart, Mr. Dill knows that what he told them about his involvement in the alleged incident was fabricated and he is not sure why Mr. Dill would make these accusations against him.

The Crown is scheduled to close their case against Mr. Holder and Mr. Cameron in Supreme Court tomorrow.


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Story by TNN Reporter Stefano Ausenda