Man Charged Nearly $600 for Ivermectin Tablets

A video has been recently circulating throughout social media of an individual purchasing 70 tablets of Ivermectin, a medication sometimes used to treat certain cases of COVID-19 among other conditions (such as head lice or Ascariasis), from a local Pharmacy.

The receipt showed the total cost of the 70 tablets to be $585.40. The individual who purchased them, who will remain anonymous, asked their health insurance company why they did not cover even part of that cost and was allegedly told that they received a memo from the Ministry of Health telling them not to cover it.

“ These tablets cost more than half of what I pay monthly for my health insurance,” they explained in the video. “ These tablets cost less than $1 around the world and are given free in poorer countries, [yet I have to pay almost $600 for them.] It does not seem like the best interest for anyone in Bermuda to charge so much for these single tablets that are so cheap to procure.” TNN made several calls to a number of physicians on island, a well known doctor responded.

Dr. Henry Dowling a Local Physician responding to Cost of Ivermectin

“ There is a kind of large-scale pushback against Ivermectin from the higher-ups. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be an issue over the price of Ivermectin, it’s an issue of insurance companies not doing their job and insuring approved medication.

The fact that it is not being used for what they think it should be used for is irrelevant, because doctors use off-label medications which happen to be FDA approved all of the time.”

“ This is an insurance company issue, for one, not covering a medication that should be covered; and two, the government not holding them accountable. The Government is also in bed with them because FutureCare is not covering it either, and they are supposed to cover the island’s most vulnerable which the Government keeps claiming they are trying to protect. As far as I’m concerned, they are both liable for this.”

“ [For the Government to listen], we must have a mass of people come out and voice what they want to the Government. Otherwise they won’t do it, there is not enough political will to push and have this done. Until then, our people will be dying unnecessarily because this is not a pandemic among the unvaccinated any longer, it’s a pandemic among those who are not immune.

We are going to have more of this and there is not going to be anything to protect our people because there is no drive within the people who are leading the country to make it work.”

“ The medical fraternity are towing the line: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate; wait for big Pharma to produce more expensive drugs and then they will support it. Until then, they will not support anything except vaccinations and hospitalizations.”
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