Heart Broken As Another Mother Has To Lay Her Son To Rest…….

How and when will it stop, On October 26, 2021, Beverley Boyles-Davis’ life was changed forever when she discovered that her son Micah was one of the two people murdered at the Robin Hood Pub earlier that evening. The day that her son was killed also happened to be his 22nd birthday.

“ I did not find out [that he was shot] until my daughter told me that the hospital had just called and asked to speak to his next of kin, not even knowing that my son was at Robin Hood at the time celebrating his birthday when the gunshots went off,” she said. “ When I got the call, I think he was just holding on because it took me two hours before I saw my son in the hospital.”

According to Ms. Boyles-Davis, he appeared braindead when she saw him at the hospital because, according to the doctors, the bullet went straight through his head. Shortly after she saw him, my baby breathed his last breath.

Ms. Boyles-Davis has various health issues, including hypertension, Diabetes and heart problems. As a result of these issues, she has not been working for the past five years. Therefore, it is difficult for her to pay for all of her son’s funeral expenses. His cremation and service will cost at least $4000.

“ I hope that my family and friends can come together and contribute whatever they can to help me do this, because I cannot do this on my own and it would be a strain on me,” she said. “ I hope that, by tomorrow, we will have raised the amount of money that it takes to cremate and have a service for my son.”

Anyone who wishes to help out this family during this difficult time can make a donation on Mr. Davis’ behalf. His full name was Micah Nathaniel MacRyan Davis.

Despite hanging around some gang members when he was younger, Mr. Davis was never in a gang. “ I had a lot of issues, when Micah was a teenager, with him getting stabbed and shot at, because when we lived on Glebe Road, a gunman shot at one of his school friends who was close by,” Ms. Boyles-Davis said.

“ Micah was trying to get out of situations like that, but people kept beating him up and doing all sorts of things to him . . . I never dreamed of a bullet having his name on it,

Micah was a good boy. He was born in Christ, got baptized and he did all of that with me, never knowing that this would ever happen to my son.”
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