Drunk driving is a serious problem in Bermuda say NSM Michael Weeks

The most recent Operation Vega Statistics indicate that between January and May 2023, there were 117 arrests for impaired driving. For the same period in 2022, there were 71 such arrests.

To say that these numbers are concerning, would be an understatement. Remember, every time you operate a vehicle while impaired, there is the potential to cause significant damage, life altering injury or, death.


Operation Vega, police presence alone cannot prevent drinking and driving. Roadside Sobriety Checkpoints are advertised days in advance of them being implemented, yet individuals are still arrested for impaired driving during these exercises.


This is a “Bermuda” problem that requires more than enforcement to fix. We as a country must look at the drinking culture that alcohol consumption is a prerequisite for having a good time at social gatherings, be they dinner parties, a session or fete.


That, coupled with the realisation that we must accept individual responsibility for our actions. It might be cliché, but if you plan to drink to have a good time, then you must plan to get home without operating a vehicle on the road.


While the life you save may be your own, are you prepared to live with the fact that you took the life of another person because you decided to drive drunk, buzzed or high?


TNN news sought a response from the Minister of National Security the Hon. Michael Weeks on these latest statistics,  The Minister’s response below,


“It is clear that resolving this safety issue requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond relying solely on law enforcement.


“We recognise the importance of directly targeting people and their road behaviour. Education, awareness, and responsible road use play a significant role in promoting safer driving habits.


“Also, all road users have to be more considerate of others on the road so that we can minimise the number of accidents, and reduce the life-changing consequences that are often associated with collisions.


“I have publicly stated that the state of our road safety amounts to a national crisis and that we need to have a serious conversation about this.


“Ensuring the safety of all road users is paramount to the Government. We are focused on taking the necessary steps to combat this scourge and create a culture of responsible road use.”

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